Beyond COVID-19: Why now is the time to market your care business

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The impact of COVID-19 has left many home care businesses with a rollercoaster of implications. From client contracts to rising costs of PPE, there’s never been a more important time for care agencies to future proof their business. 

Many care businesses may feel that marketing their agency is not important/they do not have time, when in fact, investing a little time would reap huge rewards for their business. And, with our elderly population most at risk during the COVID crisis and the ability to visit loved ones reduced due to social distancing measures, home care has been on the rise and there’s no better time to market your business.

So what can you do?

You need to be visible 

You need to make sure you’re utilising all available channels so that your business shows up when people search online. Why? Because if another care agency shows up before yours when a family member searches online, they’re likely to choose them. You need to be visible not just on Google, (or other search engines) but at social media too. 

You need to be aligned

What does that mean? Being aligned means that your business has the same ‘look’ and ‘feel’ across every platform. So, in a nutshell, you should use the same logo and colours on your website as you do on Facebook and so on. Having recogniseable branding helps your business to look and feel professional, and also reassures potential customers that your channels are all part of the same business. 

You need to invest time

There’s no magic wand - to market your business effectively, you’ll need to invest a little time. To market your care business effectively, you’ll need to spend some time researching your audience and creating relevant content (like ads) for your business. This part is super important - if you spend time advertising but end up targeting the wrong people you’ll waste time and money.

You need to track your results

Once you’ve invested in marketing your care business, you need to track your results. It’s no good throwing money at marketing and hoping it works - you need to really understand the impact you're having and most importantly, learn how to improve it. There are loads of tools you can do this with, for example Facebook has it’s own business manager where you can see the results of your ads, and you can track your ad performance using Google Analytics. Be sure to stay on top of your marketing and track it using a spreadsheet so you have a clear view of what’s going on. It’s useful to track things like: Traffic, link clicks, advert views and the number of enquiries you get from each source. 

Where should you start?

Well, if you haven’t already, you should start by signing up to our free webinar with Tobi Alli-Usman, founder of Smooth Digital, a marketing agency that specialises in helping home care businesses. We’ll be walking you through all of the points above, and explaining exactly what you need to do for each. Tobi will be giving his expert advice on how agencies can put in place new marketing strategies post-lockdown, so you can market your business with confidence.

The webinar will take the format of a discussion and then will open up to give you the opportunity to ask questions.  

Points we will cover:

  • How home care agencies should position their offering in a post-COVID context
  • The most important marketing channels and assets that a home care agency should have in place
  • How to use digital channels such as Facebook and Google
  • Ways to effectively track results 

Watch the webinar on demand, here 

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