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Hello homecare professionals!

We’re inviting you to do something just for you. Whether you are motivated by the idea of progressing in your career, or if finding more balance is high on your list, let Birdie help you bring it to life.

Pick the path that matters most to you, and receive one exclusive email a week for the next six weeks. Expert tips, exclusive webinars and - for the first 50 people on each path - a £10 amazon voucher to spend towards your goals.

Work/Life Balance

Time back to breathe

Discover expert time finding tips, to help you balance your work, social and private life.

Prioritising wellbeing

Find out the importance of work/life balance, and how it can directly impact your mental wellbeing and performance at work.

Rediscovering yourself

Learn about interesting new hobbies, and get the opportunity to access an amazon voucher to spend on something you love (first 50 sign ups only)

Professional Development

Progressing in your career

Hear from the experts as to why career progression is so important - and how to take simple steps to make it happen 
for you.

Feeling motivated

Find out your own motivations for professional development, and learn interesting ways to harness them to go further.

Becoming a leader

Gain access to an exclusive webinar from an expert Professional Development coach, with valuable takeaways to help you focus your energy.

What happens when I choose a path?

What happens when I choose a path?

Once a week, for the next 6 weeks, you'll receive five bespoke emails tailored towards your end goal. These emails will contain easy-to-digest information, expert recommendations and - for the first 50 people on this journey - a special £10 amazon voucher for you to spend on something just for you.

Once the journey is up, we’ll leave you to continue on your path - but now hopefully with some useful tools, advice and connections to make your next step a simple one.

We hope you join us - it’ll be fun!