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What's new at Birdie: September 2023

September 27, 2023
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We’ve got lots of new features in store for you at Birdie! Whatever your role, we’re committed to producing tools to make your day that little bit easier, save time on important tasks and improve the lives of the people you care for. Read on to hear more about what we’ve been working on.

Record outcomes for all tasks

To ensure detailed information about visits and tasks is never missed, we’ve added a new feature that requires Care Professionals to add an outcome for all tasks before completing a visit. Care Professionals can simply choose from the options provided and add more detail or context if they want to.

Care Professionals can add plenty of rich detail about their tasks.

The details of each task will be viewable within Birdie’s Agency Hub in the Log tab, providing a clear audit trail! For more information on recording task outcomes click here.

Please note: this feature is available to partners using our Advanced, Plus and Advanced Care Management plans.

More control over who can view concerns

We understand that some concerns should not be seen by all across an agency.

That’s why we’ve made changes so that when a concern is raised, it will be private by default and shared only with Care Managers, unless you choose to mark it as public. Public concerns can be seen by Care Managers, family members via the Birdie Family app and other Care Professionals assigned to an individual’s care.

If you don’t want ‘private’ as the default option for your agency, no problem! Please get in touch with your Account Manager who can change this for you.

Added flexibility over medication schedules

We know that Care Professionals must sometimes administer a medication without it being scheduled. To ensure you still have accurate records when this occurs, you can now schedule a medication within Birdie with a start date that is within the past 24 hours.

When you do so you will be prompted to record an outcome for this, which will then appear in the MAR chart.

By recording doses administered in the past two hours you'll have an accurate MAR chart

We’re also giving you the ability to stop a medication schedule immediately. When you stop a medication schedule you’ll now have the choice of of stopping it immediately or choosing a specific date and time in the future. For more information on creating medication schedules click here.

Please note: these features are available to all plans that include medication functionality.

Greater visibility for families!

Family Members and Care Recipients using Birdie’s Family app can now have access to view Care Plans as well as key details about upcoming visits.

They’ll be able to see their loved ones’ About Me information, Care Plans and Assessments within the Family App. Any additional documents that you have uploaded to their profile will not be made visible.

When they click on ‘Visits’ they will now also be able to see 7 days of rolling visits, including the date, time and Care Professional currently allocated. Don’t worry if plans change - this information will update automatically if changes are made to the schedule.

Please note: These are opt in features that we will not have enabled without your written consent. Upcoming visit details will not be viewable in the Family app for partners with integrations or Care Management-only packages.

Add more detail about risk and mitigations

To ensure all risks associated with a Care Recipient and the measures taken to mitigate them are clearly documented, you can record risks and mitigations against any additional assessments within Birdie.

You’ll be able to associate risks with more than one assessment when adding them, reducing the need to input the same risk across multiple different assessments!

Save time by inputting the same risk across multiple assessments.

For condition-specific and Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) assessments, you can choose which condition or substance to link the risk to. For more information, click here.

Add visit notes from the Agency Hub!

We understand that sometimes a Care Professional may be unable to complete their visit reports and add notes about a Care Recipient’s wellbeing. To ensure you can always record rich details about visits you’ll be able to add a new visit note directly from the Agency Hub.

If no general note has been recorded by the Care Professional you will see the option to add a new note, and optionally, provide a reason for this.

You can add a note by clicking on the 'Observations' tab of a visit.

These notes will appear in the ‘Observations’ tab along with the name of the user and timestamp of the entry, so you can maintain a clear audit trail!

Add fees to visits

We’re introducing the option to add an additional fixed charge in the form of a visit fee, so you can maintain stable rates while charging clients for recurring, visit-specific costs. You’ll also save plenty of time not having to add these manually as expenses ahead of invoicing!

Simply add the name and rate of the visit fee to an invoice rate card and it will automatically be applied to all the visits associated with that rate card.

The visit fee will be applied to every visit the invoice rate card is used for.

When this invoice rate is applied to a visit, you’ll see the total cost of the fee or fees associated with the visit within your Invoice Dashboard. They’ll also appear on the invoice once generated! For more information on visit fees click here.

Please note: this feature is available to partners using our Core, Advanced and Plus.

Reminders about travel time estimates

We’ve added a handy reminder to our Pay Dashboard, notifying you of how many of your visits are currently missing travel estimates!

The little pop up will not only show you how many visits are missing travel estimates, but show you how you can add accurate addresses to client profiles with missing information before travel estimates are recalculated and the dashboard is updated!

You'll see clearly how many visits are missing travel estimates and how to rectify this.

If you do not pay for travel you can simply ignore the pop up, but if you’d rather not see it at all please get in touch with your Account Manager and we can disable it for you.

Please note: this is available to all partners leveraging our Finance tools.

Advanced travel rate cards

We’ve improved our travel rate cards to provide you with even more flexibility on how you'd like to reimburse your Care Professionals for travel, waiting times and commutes. When creating a new travel rate card or editing an existing one, you’ll see the option to set up new travel time pay rates, including the hourly pay rate or the pay rate per mile.

You’ll also be able to create additional rules around whether you pay for waiting times, breaks and mileage and travel for first and last commutes.

Apply these rules by saving them to the rate card and assigning them to individuals.

Once you’ve set up these advanced rules, simply save them to your rate card and assign relevant Care Professionals to them! For more information click here.

Please note: this feature is available on our Core, Advanced and Plus plans.

View interaction types

Our new interaction types are available in Birdie Analytics! Visibility into shadowing, supervisions and introductory visits can now be added to custom reports and used by those partners with Explore licenses. Check it out in the ‘Visits’ explore tab.

Updated Birdie Set Up & Progress Report

The Birdie Set Up and Progress report has been updated so you can now filter by Client Group or Carer Group. The Birdie Rostering section of the report also shows clients with visits scheduled in the next 90 days (increased from 30 days, to support our partners who anticipate going live with Birdie over a longer period of time).

Birdie's Message Centre

We're working hard to develop one of our most highly requested features - a free-text messaging tool that allows you to send real-time messages to your Care Professionals when they are out in the field!

You'll be able to choose from a message type, draft your desired message and choose whether one, many of all your Care Professionals receive the update straight to the Birdie app. We're even working on tools to help you see whether your Care Professionals have viewed your message, so you can follow up on urgent or time sensitive updates.

Stay tuned for more information!

Add subscriptions to invoices

You'll soon be able to charge for recurring expenses, such as postage fees or maintenance of care-monitoring systems in the form of fixed subscription fees. This means you won't have to add these manually as ad-hoc expenses when creating invoicing, saving you plenty of time!

You'll be able to create and add new subscriptions, specify the frequency and amount before assigning them to clients and applying them to invoice rate cards. When adding a new subscription, you can name it, specify the frequency and set the amount. You are then required assign it to one or more clients. We look forward to sharing more details soon.

As always, please check out our public roadmap for more information on what we're working on.

See you next time! 👋

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