October 30, 2023

What's new at Birdie: October 2023

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Spooky season is upon us! Don’t worry, the Birdie team have prioritised treats over tricks and there are plenty of new features across the system for you to get your teeth into. Read on for more details of what we’ve released and what you can expect very soon.

New food intake observations

We've improved the quality and accuracy of the information you capture about your Care Recipients’ nutrition with new options for recording and observing food intake!

Care Professionals can now make a note of whether or not they observed meals and snacks being consumed during visits, as they can already do with fluid observations and toilet visits. They can also record the portion of food consumed to keep a closer eye on a Care Recipient’s true nutritional intake, rather than just what was served to them.

Record an amount observed and any additional details

All of this information will be visible in visit reports within the Birdie app as well as the Agency Hub, by clicking into a visit and selecting the ‘Observations’ tab!

Updates to our Recurring Actions tool!

We've updated the way recurring actions occur on fixed dates. Previously, when you added an action with a date of the 31st, the recurring action only occurred on months which had a 31st and as such, skipped some months. This has been updated this so that if a recurring action is scheduled for the 31st, the next action will happen on the end of the next month if there is no 31st (e.g. September 30th).

Please note: in this case, the action will then continue reoccur on the 30th after this, even if there is a 31st. You can edit this date manually to suit your preferences. For more information on setting up recurring actions click here.

Updates to our About Me section

We’ve made some small but mighty improvements to the About Me section of a Client’s profile, allowing you to add even more detail about their care and their preferences. You can now add phone contact details for pharmacists, which once added will also be visible to Care Professionals in the Birdie app!

Any unsaved changes within the 'About Me' section will trigger a handy little pop up when a user tries to exit the page, reminding them to save their change!

View Task Outcomes in the app

Last month we introduced 'Task Outcomes' feature, requiring Care Professionals to add an outcome of ‘Done’ or ‘Not done’ for all assigned tasks before checking out of a visit. Based on your feedback, task outcomes of 'Complete' or 'Not complete' are now also visible in the Birdie app and in the Family app as part of visit reports!

This information is visible in previous visit notes within the Birdie app, Family app and Agency Hub

Any additional notes added when recording task outcomes will also be visible. We recommend users update their app to ensure they benefit! For more information on recording task outcomes click here.

Improved location alerts

We understand that sometimes Care Professionals are in area of poor signal, which causes high-location uncertainty. As a result, you may be missing out of forced check-in/check-out alerts that should have been triggered by a Care Professional being at the wrong location when starting a visit.

We’ve introduced a limit to the amount of location uncertainty we allow before triggering an alert, ensuring you have increased visibility of potential cases where Care Professionals are not at right location. For more information on optimising geo-location within Birdie click here.

A new 'Visits' logo!

A small but mighty improvement - the 'Visits' logo has changed, making it more distinct from the 'Calendar' logo. You'll now see this in the 'Client Feed' section of the Agency Hub and Care Professionals will be able to see this within their Birdie app.

Add line breaks to visit notes

We’ve made it easier for Care Professionals to create sections and separations within their visit notes by adding the option to add a line break!

This makes for clearer reports and these line breaks will also appear in the Agency Hub so they’re easier to read. Line breaks can be now used using your keyboard within the app by clicking ‘Enter’ so get stuck in!

Duplicate your rate cards!

You can now duplicate a rate card with a single click! We understand that sometimes you want to create a new rate card that only requires a small tweak for a particular client or Care Professional.

Instead of having to create an entirely new rate card, you can now click on an existing rate card and click the ‘duplicate rate card’ button - saving you time and mitigating the risk of manually duplicating information!

Click on your chosen rate card before duplicating it and making your amends

Please note: this feature is available to partners using our Core, Advanced and Plus.

New Visits Without Funding Report

A new Birdie Analytics report has been added to the HR + Scheduling & Matching board. The Visits without funding report allows you to see visits that do not have payment information attached to the visit schedule, which we know can be particularly useful as part of the onboarding process.

Birdie's Message Centre

We're working hard to develop one of our most highly requested features - a free-text messaging tool that allows you to send real-time messages to your Care Professionals when they are out in the field!

You'll be able to choose from a message type, draft your desired message and choose whether one, many of all your Care Professionals receive the update straight to the Birdie app. You'll be able to view read-reciepts to check whether Care Professionals have viewed your message, giving you peace of mind, and all your previous sent notifications will be clearly visible within our Agency Hub to provide a clear audit trail!

View your Message Centre and send updates wherever you are on our Agency Hub!

This feature is currently part of a limited beta but we'll be releasing it soon so stay tuned for more information!

Add subscriptions to invoices

You'll soon be able to charge for recurring expenses, such as postage fees or maintenance of care-monitoring systems in the form of fixed subscription fees. This means you won't have to add these manually as ad-hoc expenses when creating invoicing, saving you plenty of time!

You'll be able to create and add new subscriptions, specify the frequency and amount before assigning them to clients and applying them to invoice rate cards. When adding a new subscription, you can name it, specify the frequency and set the amount. You are then required assign it to one or more clients. We look forward to sharing more details soon.

As always, please check out our public roadmap for more information on what we're working on.

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