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What's new at Birdie: May 2023

May 23, 2023
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Between plenty of bank holiday fun, the Birdie team have been hard at work, developing new features for you to try!

We’ve also been investing a lot time this month behind the scenes making sure your Birdie experience is the best it can be! This includes performance updates, such as improving speed and reliability cross our Agency Hub and mobile app, and streamlining processes wherever we can. Read on for more details on what new tools and changes you can expect.

Our new Visit details tab!

You may have spotted that the ‘Visit detail’ tab in the Agency Hub has had an update. Visit details, which can be accessed by clicking on an individual visit via the Rostering screen, Client Feed or Log, still contain all the same useful information such as a visit’s care team, planned times and location but we have it laid out in a more efficient and eye-catching way. Enjoy!

View all the same key information you need about visits

Limited beta:Manual Check In/Check Out

We’re working to bring you this highly requested feature, which will enable you to manually check Care Professionals in or out of a visit.

If a Care Professional has forgotten to check out of a visit or their phone is not working, for instance, you’ll no longer have to contact our Support Team - instead, you can correct this through the ‘Visit details’ tab in the Agency Hub, saving you time and making it easier to accurately record visit times ahead of payroll!

You'll see options to manually check in or out in the 'Visit Details' tab

When you manually check a Care Professional in or out of a visit, you will be asked to record the correct time and a reason for manual check in or check out, ensuring you have a clear audit trail for the change.

Maintain accurate visit times with a clear audit trail of changes

The manual check in button will only be available within 72 hours of the visit’s planned start and the check out button within 72 hours of the visit’s planned end time. If you do need to manually check a Care Professional in or out of a visit outside of a window, don’t worry - you’ll still be able to do so by contacting our Support Team. Read this article for more details of this feature.

Please note: These changes will soon be available to those on the Birdie Platform leveraging our care management and rostering functionality.

Coming soon: stop medication schedules immediately

The team are taking steps to reduce clinical safety risks at every stage of medication management. Currently, when you stop a medication schedules in the Agency Hub, you can choose the end date and hour for the schedule. This means to end a schedule as soon as possible, it can be stopped at the nearest hour. Read this article for more information on stopping medications.

We’ll soon give you a separate option to stop a medication schedule with immediate effect, in the event that a dose is scheduled within the next hour. In this case, no more doses will appear on the MAR chart from that point onward, so you can rest assured that your Care Team have clear and up to date information when administering medications.

Coming soon: updates to your mobile passcode

We want to give Care Professionals, as much valuable time as possible with the people care for. That’s why we’re taking on your feedback and changing the frequency with which Care Professionals have to re-enter their 4-digit passcode to use the Birdie app.

Soon, Care Professionals will only have to re-enter their passcode into the mobile app every 30 minutes, instead of every 5 seconds. We’ll also be giving you more flexibility if you’d like to customise these settings for your agency, as we introduce an extended maximum threshold of 12 hours, while keeping the minimum at 1 second. If you have already set a customised time within the Agency Hub, don’t worry - these future changes won’t affect them.

Our team have made some small but important changes to the Roster tab to ensure you can quickly and seamlessly access the information you need:

  • When selecting which groups you’d like to view in the Roster tab, you can now click a new ‘Apply changes' button. Instead of waiting for the page to reload each time you select a new group, you can click as many groups as you’d like and click ‘apply changes’, saving you time.
  • Now, if you scroll down the roster page but clicked to view the next day's rota you will automatically be shown the top of the the next day’s rota - no need scroll your way back to the top to the unallocated visits that require your attention!

New Concerns report

We now have a Concerns report available in Birdie analytics on Looker. This allows you to review the number of reported concerns across your agency within a chosen date range and act as a centralised summary of the type of reported concerns you are receiving, including accidents, medication and skin integrity concerns.

Finally, tool tips are now back! To help you make the most of the Birdie platform and guide you through some of our useful features, such as travel rates and confirming visits. You’ll see some links to useful tips in our finance and roster tabs - feel free to check them out!

As always, have a look at our public roadmap to see what updates and new features we’re working on.

See you next time! 👋

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