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What's new at Birdie: June 2024

June 26, 2024
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Summer is finally here, and we hope you're enjoying some more sun this June! Our latest features are designed to add a splash of sunshine to your Birdie experience. Check out the helpful enhancements our team has been working on below.

Funding design updates

Finance Funding’s design that was previously divided into three sections (Payers, Contracts and Purchase orders) has been simplified into two sections instead: Payer contracts and Client funding. Purchase orders, which had linked a Care Recipient to a contract, has been renamed to Client funding. You can find more information on the design updates here.

The simplified design makes it easier for you to navigate funding and surface relevant details. It also helps save time and reduce errors with pre-populated contract info.

See updated client funding design.

Improvements to discrepancy filter

To save time when confirming visits, you’ll now be able to distinguish between positive and negative discrepancies in the Discrepancy filter on the Confirm Visits page. For example, instead of filtering on "10-15 mins", you will now be able to choose between "Over by 10-15 mins" and "Under by 10-15 mins".

This will enable you to easily distinguish between visits that went longer or shorter than planned, so that you can apply more precise changes and confirm visits faster.

See updated discrepancy filter.

Bulk select and action invoices, with the help of a invoice period and contract filter

Within the Invoice tab of Birdie Finance, you’ll now see the option to filter invoices with a specific period, so you can quickly identify and manage invoices from a specific cycle. You’ll also be able to filter by contract.

Once filtered, you’ll now have the ability to select your invoices in bulk - once you’ve bulk selected them, you can carry out actions such as email/export/delete, and apply them to all the invoices in your chosen period.

This saves valuable time in your busy day, as you’ll no longer need to select and action invoices one by one. Learn more about how to export and send invoices here.

See updated Invoices tab.

All of the feature improvements above are available to all packages using Finance. Please get in touch if interested in accessing these features!

Limited beta: Provider information return (PIR) report

The Provider Information Return (PIR) is an annual requirement for adult social care services to submit information to the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

To help you complete the CQC PIR, Birdie Analytics has created the Provider Information Return (PIR) data report, so you can quickly access the information required based on the data you input into Birdie! This new report will allow you to keep a close eye on how your agency is performing against the CQC categories.

If you’re a current Birdie partner interested in completing your Provider Information Return more quickly, please get in touch to join the beta programme!

Please note: Birdie does not capture data for all PIR questions. You may need to reference other systems to get the information you need.

This will be available for Core, Advanced, Plus packages and Birdie Analytics subscribers.

Limited beta: Manage and edit absences

As part of the new Absence Management module within Birdie, we’ve launched the next step of the beta programme that allows you to easily manage and edit absences in Birdie’s Agency Hub. This includes a new field for Office notes where you can leave comments visible to care staff regarding the absence and any changes.

In addition, you’ll be able to get an overview of a carer’s absence history within the new ‘Time off’ section of a Care Professional’s profile. This will help provide you the necessary context when deciding whether to approve any new absence requests.

This will be available to Core, Advanced, and Plus packages excluding care management packages.

Stay tuned for more information on this exciting feature!

More to come!

As always, check out our public roadmap for more information on what we're working on. 👋

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