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What's new at Birdie: December 2023

December 18, 2023
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Christmas has come early at Birdie! We’ve got some exciting stocking fillers for you in the form of brand new features and handy improvements within our Agency Hub and our Birdie app. Read on to find out what we’ve been working on.

View past visits and planned hours in the app!

Care Professionals can now navigate to the past within the Birdie app and see their planned visits. They’ll be able to view both delivered and undelivered visits up to 6 weeks in the past.

They’ll also see a summary of their planned hours for each day, including past days, within the Visits tab. This makes it easier than ever to understand how much they worked and are planned to work in the future so they can predict and calculate approximate pay!

View total planned hours, including those in the past, within the app

We’ve also given the Visits tab a makeover, with a new look and feel and a handy disclaimer about total planned hours at the bottom so Care Professionals know exactly what’s included in the hours they’re viewing.

Add multiple mood and health observations per visit!

Care Professionals now have added flexibility to record multiple general, mood, physical health and mental health observations per visit report. This ensures that you have an accurate record of fluctuations in wellbeing over a single visit.

Add multiple observations to reflect changes throughout the day

Performance improvements across our app!

We’ve been making improvements across the Birdie app to provide a seamless experience for Care Professionals. This includes new push notifications for Android 13 devices, who could not previously receive these as part of Birdie’s Message Centre, as well as some improvements to the keyboard function on Samsung devices.

We recommend that Care Professionals update their Birdie app to ensure they benefit.

Updates to our Finance Dashboards

Based on your feedback and to improve performance across the Agency Hub, Confirm Visits, the Pay Dashboard and the Invoice Dashboard within the Finance tab will now only display visits once you have selected the date range that you would like to see. This means more control over what you're viewing, fewer clicks, and less waiting for information to load!

Add subscriptions to invoices

We’re introducing a way to add a fixed recurring fee in the form of a subscription, which will appear on an invoice - ideal for charging clients for ongoing fees not linked to visits, such as a postage fee or a monthly charge for a monitoring system.

You’ll be able to charge for subscriptions regardless of whether a client has scheduled visits during that time period and you’ll also save time when invoicing as you no longer have to add these fees manually to each invoice! Stay tuned for more information!

Add a payment method to a payer

We're working to allow you to record what payment method a Payer will be using: Direct Debit, Manual, or None! You'll also be able to sort and filter invoices by payment method and see the payment method on the invoice page within Birdie.

The team are hard at work to bring these features to you and we look forward to sharing more details once these are available. As always, please check out our public roadmap for more information on what we're working on. 👋

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