July 27, 2022

How have the CQC changed the way they provide ratings?

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The CQC have recently updated the way they assess domiciliary care providers. This quick article will look at the three key differences between the old and new way of doing things!

Change number one:

Updating a CQC rating without a site visit

Previously the CQC would always come to your offices and visit care recipients in order to provide a rating. Now they may ask for evidence of improvement through better kept records, up-to-date training and clear action plans, and request this over the phone or online.

Change number two:

Use of technology preferred for higher CQC ratings

Previously the CQC were happy to accept paper records for most areas of your business. This includes paper care plans, MAR charts and rostering. Due to more requests for evidence coming over the phone or online, it is fast becoming a full requirement for all home care providers to use technology platforms to run their care business. Paper records are increasingly being linked to poorer ratings.

Technology has become increasingly important in recent years when it comes to high CQC ratings

Change number three:

Continuous performance review

This is the biggest change from the way the CQC previously awarded ratings!

Before, a CQC inspection could be either a comprehensive or targeted inspection that took place over a couple of days once every few years, where an inspector would come to your place of business and request to see evidence in person. These one or two days would then provide the rating you had until the next in—person inspection.

Now the CQC are moving towards more of a regular ‘performance review’ style - where they no longer set a clear interval between inspections, and may request evidence at any time to help assess and provide up-to-date ratings. Although traditional inspections, such as an in-person inspection over 1-2 days, may still take place it is very important that homecare providers prepare themselves to face a rolling evaluation of their business.

Good news if you’re keen to improve your rating - it will soon become much easier to rank up without the long wait.

Looking for more CQC support and guidance? Check out the Birdie CQC resources hub and the Birdie Blog for more information.

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