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This app might just revolutionise social care

March 1, 2019
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We are all well aware of the issues faced by our social care system. The UK's population is getting older; in only 50 years, another 8.6 million people will be added to the 65+ group - which is equivalent to the population of London.

Around 2 million people are already in need of care at home, which is posing huge strains on the domiciliary care industry as well as the financing of the social care system.Despite the market being worth $15bn and with domiciliary care up to 40% cheaper than care homes, consistent underfunding and problems in staff retention and recruitment mean that the system is struggling. 

Birdie’s CEO and founder, Max Parmentier, strongly believes that those issues come with opportunities and that solutions exist. In a recent interview with Forbes,  he described how technology can help address the needs of the under-financed home care sector. 

Founder of Birdie Max Parmentier as a boy, learning to ride a bicycle with his grandfather.

Inspired by his own grandfather’s negative experience in a care home, Max wanted to design a home care management solution that could enable elderly people to receive better and safer care whilst staying in their own homes for as long as possible.  

Birdie enables home care agencies to go “paperless” by digitising their care processes. This helps carers deliver a higher standard of personalised care as they are able to better prepare home visits in advance and tailor care plans according to a client’s individual needs. The software also enables agency managers to monitor care visits in real-time ensuring any issues are resolved immediately. 

Birdie is a digital care planning software that helps building personalised care plans easily

Thanks to the digital approach, agencies can save up to 8 hours per carer per week in time spent on admin and auditing which in turn helps lower staff costs.  Implementing home care software can also benefit staff retention as carers can spend more time caring and less time filling out endless paperwork.  Overall this leads to an improvement in care delivery standards. 


Read the full Forbes article to learn more or arrange a demo with one of our team to see Birdie in action.  

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