March 8, 2022

The hidden cost of (most) homecare technology

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We have launched rostering as part of Birdie’s all-in-one home healthcare technology platform, to make scheduling a breeze and to help your agency achieve your social care goals.

Most homecare software that’s currently available:

  • Lacks user-friendly, intuitive design, making it difficult to ensure the right people can edit rate cards, schedule efficiently, and generate accurate invoices.
  • Fails to offer the functionality to perform vital tasks, such as bulk-assigning visits and matching carers based on their availability, travel time and continuity.

There’s a hidden cost to these shortcomings that the social care sector needs to recognise and eliminate: the cost of not being able to realise the full potential of your care organisation.

Managers within care businesses need better rostering solutions

Here are three examples of home healthcare professionals who face this hidden cost, and who would benefit from software with stronger rostering capabilities

A manager of a home healthcare service, with aspirations to build his live-in care business. He believes that as hospital services increasingly move into the community, those who offer great live-in care options will benefit. But here’s his problem: his current social care software was built for hourly care, and the administrative burden of adapting it for live-in care is so high that he doesn’t feel the investment is worth it.

The finance manager of a care service provider, who wants to empower her team of finance administrators to better support her. She wants to enable her team to edit rate cards, but she's been burnt by team members making mistakes in the past leading to carers being paid the wrong amount.

She is unable to introduce an approval process using her current rostering system, so no changes come into effect until she has signed them off. Instead, she tolerates a lower team output as a trade-off for reducing errors.

The manager of a homecare group, who needs to react to changes to HMRC’s legislation. Now, agencies must use the last 52 to 104 weeks a carer has worked, rather than 12 weeks, to identify the average number of hours they've worked per week.

Because he doesn't trust his current social care software, he exports visit data into a spreadsheet where he manually calculates holiday for his carers. This used to take around 6 hours per week but the new legislation increases his workload, and the cost of taking on a new carer, by at least five times. It is impossible to grow his business and avoid penalties without new tools.

Excellent care depends on intuitive, efficient technology

In each of the above examples, care simply can’t be delivered because technology is failing agencies. The operational burden of running a care agency is not just a limiting factor, but a complete and absolute blocker to their aspirations.

Making care agencies more operationally efficient may not seem like the most exciting goal, and it isn’t. But, if you consider the macro impact across all 9,000 care agencies in the UK, it’s clear that a big part of the crisis in social care is due to the operational ineptitude of care software.

At Birdie, we are unlocking the latent potential of the social care sector. Creating a step change in the supply of social care hours will unleash the power of 9,000 aspirational registered managers and their teams to have a life-changing impact on millions of older adults.

How does Birdie empower you?

To use Birdie’s all-in-one home healthcare technology, you’ll need to learn a whole new system, possibly even new business processes. In return, we will empower you to:

  • Be confident in sharing your workload with your teams.
  • Become super planners, with the information to make optimal scheduling decisions.
  • Focus proactively on the quality of care you're delivering, rather than constantly firefighting.
  • Understand what's actually happening across your agency because of excellent real-time visibility, with excellent communication and audit trails for when things do go wrong.
  • Feel safe in the knowledge that carers will always get paid what they're owed.
  • Continue with business as usual when the CQC comes to inspect because there's no last minute scramble to organise all of your evidence and documentation.
  • Free up time spent on the many queries that usually come back from sending out invoices and timesheets.
  • Match care recipients with caregivers they love and minimise the number of matches that don't work out.
  • Have the flexibility to spin up new branches and take on new contracts at the push of a button.

The focus of our work isn’t shipping features, building functionality, or delivering to a timeline. These are just a means to the end: empowering you to reach your aspirations. Let Birdie do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on providing excellent care.

Start your journey with Birdie. See rostering in action, book a demo of our software and platform.

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