January 13, 2023

Saving time with Birdie

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Put paperwork where it belongs: in the past. Birdie is built to help speed things up!

A faster way to plan care

Don't let printing and posting hold you up. Keep everything - and everyone - moving. Did you know that 67% of Birdie users save between 7-15 hours a week on care planning?

  • Build care plans fast
  • Share them instantly
  • Get sign-off sooner

Find out more through our care planning articles here!

Free up quality time

The average care professional can spend over five hours a week just on admin - that really adds up. Birdie is proven to lighten the load, with 73% of Birdie users saving between 7-15 hours a week on all day-to-day operations

  • Log visits easily
  • Record voice notes
  • Flag concerns immediately

"Time spent on processes has been dramatically reduced, because we’ve cut down the manual input. One of our HR team is able to so quickly pull that information and use it in appraisals for example. All round it’s given us such a big boost in what we do during the day." - Harrison Fensome, Managing Director at Caring Forever

Get up-and-running, fast

Changing tasks used to mean updating carers individually. Not anymore.

  • Change tasks and routines easily
  • Update the whole care team instantly
  • Schedule and record medication with eMAR

"You have it on your device, you have it on your laptop - so it is very user friendly. It’s safe for the carers, and gives you a lot of peace-of-mind." - Monica, Care Professional at Alina Homecare

Make your month-end manageable

You shouldn’t have to keep chasing care logs. Great news: you don’t! Birdie gives partners 9x more visibility on day-to-day tasks than other care management software.

  • Review visits in real-time
  • Audit alerts as they arise
  • Save time each month

Ready for regulators - always

No more scrambling. Full evidence of all of your care, at your fingertips. Whenever it’s needed.

  • Access every care log by time and user
  • See alerts and resolutions
  • Produce full audit reports, fast

Find out how Enthuse Care spent 50% less time on reporting through using Birdie technology...

Get valuable time back - for your teams, your office staff and the extraordinary people you care for.

Birdie might be the right fit for you and your business. Why not see for yourself?

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