December 15, 2023

How it works: Planning

Table of contents

Simplify your care planning

  • Quick and easy care planning

Easily create care plans based on relevant digital assessments and client goals.

  • Structured task planning

Create a task plan that aligns to your client’s needs and makes it easy for every carer to complete.

  • Share changes in real-time

If you need to make a change, everyone stays updated automatically, so there’s never any confusion

Medication Scheduling

Get it right, first time

Hand writing long and complex medication names increases the chance of human error. Choosing from the comprehensive NHS list* of medications to populate your schedules, means that no error gets in the way and your care staff know exactly how to administer medication to their clients

*we use the approved NHS dictionary of medicines and devices (dm+d).

Tools for effective care planning

Your toolkit for success

Upload and go
If you need to add more information to your client's profile, just upload a document for everyone to see

Download instantly
If you need a hard copy, you can download and print your care plans at any time

Evidence your audit
Everything is logged and tracked, so when it comes to sharing evidence, it’s all there

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