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How Key 2 Care reduced their response times to just 5 minutes

March 23, 2021
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About Key 2 Care

The Key 2 Care team provide homecare, personal assistance and support services to over 400 unique service users across the East Midlands, UK. They pride themselves on their speedy response times, and have an impressive record when it comes to updating and distributing up-to-date information across their growing care team.

The challenge

While using a paper-based system has some initial advantages for a very small agency, it can start to rapidly impact alert response times if an agency grows. This can take a toll on quality of care, team stress levels and CQC inspection results.

For Key 2 Care, their paper-based care management system meant any updated care plans had to be be reprinted and delivered to clients homes; but that process could take up to 48 hours, creating a space for care to be compromised.

When it came to providing information to healthcare partners, carer visit logs had to be manually searched for and printed off, causing a delay when it came to sharing MAR.

The solution

Key 2 Care needed their care plans to be easy-to-update, and simple to reshare out to carers. To acheive this, the team wanted to create digital care plans that automatically updated everyone when a change was made. 

They wanted carers to be able to easily perform important client assessments in realtime, so client information was always up-to-date. Also, they needed access to care notes and MAR sheets available in a second, so the Key 2 Care team could work faster with healthcare partners.

"Before Birdie, we may have considered a 48hr update to a care plan quite responsive, but now we can do the same in five minutes. We are providing better, person-centred care.”
Phil Mason, Business Manager at Key 2 Care

Here’s how they did it

Key 2 Care onboarded onto Birdie’s easy-to-use care planning software. The team were soon creating, updating and resharing care plans in seconds. Real-time alerts helped office staff to keep track of care visits and changing client needs. Crucially, the instant access to MAR records meant the team impressed healthcare professionals with their speedy response times. 

Phil Mason, Business Manager at Key 2 Care had this to say;

“The timeline has been shortened massively when it comes to concerns and investigation. We can make those decisions very quickly as we have all the information available.” Phil Mason, Business Manager at Key 2 Care

DIagram showing the process of a request change to a care plan, updated on the Birdie agency hub and then updated in real time on the birdie app
Birdie all-in-one care management software helps to reduce response times

Taking response times from 48 hours to just 5 minutes

East Midlands based Key 2 Care were beginning to feel the slow pace of their paper-based care management system. New care plans were taking upto 48 hours to be updated, reprinted and redistributed to carers; causing concern that changes to client needs may not be being met. They wanted a simple system that allowed them to create and update care plans in real time, as well as to provide carers with everything they need to keep track of client needs on-the-go. 

Key 2 Care decided to go digital with Birdie care management software, and haven’t looked back. Response times have gone from 48 hours to just 5 minutes, and the team can easily create and update care plans, and share them with carers in seconds. Real-time alerts keep the whole team informed of client needs, and speedy access to MAR makes time-consuming searches for records a thing of the past. 

Key 2 Care continue to provide outstanding care across the East Midlands, and show no signs of slowing down! With the extraordinary amount of time saved on care planning and assessments, the whole team at Key 2 Care are excited about what they can achieve in the future.

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