February 21, 2022

What's new at Birdie: February 2022

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Where did January go? We've been busy these last few weeks working on some new Birdie features that are soon to be a fan favourite! As always, you can see what we’re cooking up next on our Public Roadmap here! For more detail on these exciting updates, read on!

More Care Management features to know and love 💙

By popular demand... announcing Body Maps for Concerns!

You asked, we listened. As one of our most requested features, Birdie has now made it possible to leverage our best-in-class body maps when raising any concern. When raising an alert, carers will now have the option to attach a body map - directly from the Carer app!

Attach a body map to any concern

Going forward, you can:

  • Add a body map to any type of concern - including Accidents, Incidents, Skin Integrity and Medication
  • Attach multiple body maps to a single concern - for instance, if your client fell and hit both their head and elbow
  • Visualise and record skin integrity issues - from cuts, bruises, pressure sores, skin conditions, injuries and more
  • Quickly surface evidence for audits - with time stamps, notes, body maps, and actions recorded and centralised within the Agency Hub

This will be surfaced directly in the Agency Hub - allowing Care Managers to instantly see the site of the problem and investigate in real time. That means you can say goodbye to the days of paper body maps and waiting for them to be collected or dropped off at the office!

Recording Lateral Flow Tests to keep your staff and clients safe

New guidance was recently communicated, encouraging daily use of Lateral Flow Tests (LFTs) across home care providers. To support that, Birdie has identified two ways for you to prompt and record use of LFTs across your care team.

  • Schedule and assign a task as part of a carer’s visit - Birdie has created a task ‘Confirm negative lateral flow test result’, which will allow you to evidence that an LFT has been taken - and gives you the option to add notes for the carer in the event of a positive result. Families and care recipients will see this in the care log, which should give them peace of mind.
  • Create an in-app banner message within Birdie - Care Managers can share a link to the gov.uk form or your own internal form via the in-app banner message with instructions for carers to complete at the start of their shift. Please see here for full details on how to set this up!

Schedule a task in the Agency Hub

Profile completion update

Lastly, a small change to note: the ’Profile completion’ button previously on the Client tab, has now been removed, following your feedback. Whereas before, this was linked to certain fields in About Me, such as Date of Birth, to identify if there was any missing information - we are now exploring more sophisticated ways of evidencing how complete a person’s care record is.

Incoming... new insights to drill into with Birdie Analytics 📊

Keep your care responsive with our new Assessments Analytics report

We know it’s important to understand how completely a person’s needs and risks have been assessed - as well as maintaining an up-to-date record of the information captured. That’s where our new Assessments Analytics report comes in.

At a quick glance, you’ll now be able to see:

  • Percent of care recipients with up-to-date assessments
  • Percent of assessments that have been completed
  • Breakdown of initial v. additional assessments that have been completed
  • Number of care recipients with outdated assessments - so you can easily identify who requires your attention

Drill into your assessment analytics

You’ll also be able to click into any of the above for further context and insight - such as the list of outdated assessments for a specific care recipient.

Interested in learning more about Birdie Analytics? Please book a demo with your Account Manager.

What’s new in People and Operations 👀

The most flexible way to Invoice

We’ve been hard at work over the last couple weeks to improve and simplify the way you handle invoices within the Birdie Platform. Our latest update will make it a lot easier (and faster!) to create, edit, and re-generate invoices - and even archive ones no longer needed. You’ll also be able to filter down by contract and care recipient before generating, in the case of an individual invoice for each care recipient on a council contract. Talk about flexibility!

Birdie's new Invoice Dashboard

Schedule your visits in Runs

The Birdie Platform now supports ‘Runs’. If any two (or more) visits need to be delivered in sequence, they can now be added to a ‘Run’, allowing you to assign a convenient set of visits - saving precious time by assigning in one click as well as helping you cut back on travel time.

Schedule your visits in runs

View your rota in Groups

When creating a rota, it’s important to be able to visualise what clients and carers are a part of a specific group or area. That’s why you can now filter your rota screen by one or multiple groups - Lambeth and Kensington, for instance - giving you full control over what information you see when scheduling.

Filter your rota by Group

Auto-allocate visits within Groups

Our auto-assign tool makes it easy to identify the most optimal match for all unallocated visits in your rota. Now, it takes into account if you have any ‘Groups‘ and will only auto-assigned visits to carers within the same ‘Group’ as the care recipient! Handy.

Add cancellation details to your visits

We’ve made it so you can add key cancellation detail when removing a visit - and indicate how that cancellation will impact carer pay and invoicing. For instance, you can now either choose to pay and invoice at 100% of what was planned or choose to not pay and invoice at all.

Add cancellation details to visits

Create rates based on service type

You’ll now be able to create rates custom to a specific type of service type! Simply click ‘add service rate type’ from within the Pay rate or Invoicing rate tabs, and select from Personal Care, Complex Care, Companionship, and Waking night Sleeping night.

Create rates for different service types

Upload and store any documentation within the carer profile

You’ll now be able to store additional documents such as copies of appraisals, emails relating to a specific carer's performance and more within the onboarding section of the carer profile.

See you next time! 👋

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