January 17, 2019

Meet the tech entrepreneur revolutionising the home care industry

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Birdie featured in an article in the evening standard explaining how birdie is revolutionising care for the elderly

Our CEO, Max Parmentier, is a bit of a whizz kid. With an impressive background that includes a stint at McKinsey, the UN and even pitching at the White House - he knows a thing or two about operating global businesses.

Still aged only 36, he founded Birdie in 2017 with the ambition to revolutionise the home care industry thanks to the use of innovative technology. Interviewed earlier this year by The Evening Standard, he explained that his venture into “agetech” was inspired by watching his ailing grandfather hating the care home where he spent his last days and wishing that there was a way he could have stayed in the home he’d once shared with his family. Max realised that technology could help elderly people receive better and safer care, whilst remaining for as long as possible in their own homes.

Birdie is a home care management software that enables home care agencies to digitise their care processes. This leads to reduced risks (care visits can be monitored in real-time, updated care plans are available instantly to carers reducing issues with medication) and a higher standard of personalised care (carers have more time to prepare visits in advance, care plans can be tailored according to individual needs).  

Hand drawn illustration of a hand holding an iphone and the Birdie app on screen showing Annie Darwins care log

The agencies benefit too as they are able to reduce the time they spend on admin and auditing (up to 8 hours per carer per week), which means they can spend more time caring, improving their overall care delivery standards.

Max also believes that the UK is the market that will lead the tech transformation of the social care industry due to the straightforward approach to regulation via the CQC, the wealth of health tech talent available as well as the general tech-savviness of families. 

Read the full Evening Standard article to learn more or arrange a demo with one of our team to see Birdie in action.

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