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Help with mandatory NHS data submission

August 12, 2022
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Each and every day homecare providers like you create and collect powerful insights. From care delivery to care team absences, these insights are key to better understanding trends and impact in the social care industry. But sharing that data hasn’t always been easy - or fast!

This is why the Department of Health and Social care is now keen to break down some barriers in sharing this critical data - and have now outlined new requirements for adult social care providers.

Following on from our New Data Collection Guidance for Homecare Providers blog, we’re taking a closer look at how Birdie can help support you collect and surface this data - and help keep you compliant with this new guidance!

Before we get started, let’s recap what’s changing.

What are the Data Submission Requirements?

Domiciliary care providers now need to submit…

Information on your organisation

  • The number of people using your service today
  • The number of staff in your organisation that have face-to-face contact with the people being supported
  • The number of staff delivering care that are not working because of coronavirus

Information on COVID-19 vaccination

  • The number of your staff known to have had the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination
  • The number of your staff known to have had the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccination
  • The number of your staff known to have had the COVID-19 vaccination booster
  • Please note: this data requirement is subject to change in September.

Information on seasonal flu vaccination

  • The number of your staff known to have received this season’s flu vaccination (seasonal: 1 September to 31 March)

We know staying on top of this data - and keeping it up to date - may seem like a mountain at times. That’s why Birdie has looked at how we can make this as simple as possible for you - and have this data be ready and waiting when you need it!

Requirement 1: Information on your organisation

With Birdie Analytics, you can access a pre-built report that gives you an immediate view of the total number of care recipients that have been visited by your agency within the last month - as well the total count of staff who have had face-to-face contact with care recipients in that same period.

Staff and care recipient overview

But if you want more detail, we’ve included breakdowns so you can review data within the last 6 months and identify any changes, trends or patterns! You can also take a look at a branch level. We provide side-by-side comparisons that make it easy to understand how specific locations are doing.

Side-by-side comparisons

Requirement 2: Information on COVID-19 vaccination

With Birdie Analytics, you’ll be able to access a summary of the Covid-19 vaccination status across your entire care team.

At a glance, you can see the total count of those who are fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated, have had their booster - or are unvaccinated or have no status recorded. We also provide a graph view so you can easily visualise this info!

Summary of Covid-19 vaccination status

If you need more information, simply scroll down and see this all broken down for each individual care professional on your team!

Please note: vaccination data input is available as part of our Birdie Platform package and is available to those as permitted by their agency.


Using the right digital technology will transform the way you run your homecare agency and can streamline several parts of your business - this includes collecting and sharing insights! Neat!

With Birdie Analytics, your data is housed under one roof, making it easy to drill into current trends and identify how to move your business forward. Not to mention, we do the heavy lifting for you, compiling the information you and your care staff capture daily into easy-to-understand graphs and reporting.

To see Birdie Analytics in action, book a free demo! Or contact your account manager to learn more.

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