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Making call monitoring even more secure

December 17, 2019
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As a Care Manager, staying in control means assurance that your care is being delivered as planned. Knowing when your care staff arrive at a client’s home is key to ensuring that visits are taking place and that they’re on time. 

Using Birdie for call monitoring means you can:

  • Be reassured that your care is being delivered at the right place at the right time* 
  • Make sure your care professionals are safe throughout the day
  • Gather evidence that visits took place, for auditing purposes
  • Reassure families that care is being delivered as planned
  • Be alerted in real-time if there is an issue (like a location mismatch) so you can take action instantly

*Available with rostering integration

Introducing geo check-in

Geo check-in is a location-based service that allows you to pinpoint the exact location of your care professionals every time they check-in to a client’s home. This means that you’ll always know your staff and clients are safe. 

How does geo check-in work?

The geo check-in feature works by comparing the GPS location of the care professional and the actual location of the care recipient’s home in order to verify a successful check-in/out. If the care professional is not at the care recipient’s home and attempts to check-in/out you will be sent an alert notifying you of a forced check-in/out. A care professional’s location is only tracked upon them checking in and out of their client visit. 

Key features:

  • To trigger a successful check-in, a care professional needs to be within 200m of the care recipient's address.
  • If they are outside this 200m radius, the app will report a forced check-in or out indicating the carer's location doesn't match the address for the care recipient. If this happens an alert will be generated.

Birdie call monitoring and check in alerts

A forced check-in alert will appear in your 'Alerts' page so you can take action. On the map, the red point represents the care recipient while the blue dot represents the caregiver. 

If you use CarePlanner with Birdie, there is also another option: our brand-new beta - one-time-password call monitoring.

One-time-password (OTP) works by installing a device into your client’s home (you can request one of these through CarePlanner) which generates a single-use code and sends it to the care professionals registered mobile number. They can then enter this code on Birdie to verify their check-in at a client’s house.

Interested in getting started with Birdie? Arrange a free demo and we’ll show you secure check-in and all of our other great features in action.

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