January 10, 2020

Keep track of your performance in real-time with the Birdie Quality dashboard

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If you want to grow your business, reach outstanding or simply become more efficient as a care agency, knowing how you’re performing is key. Your CQC inspection is a great benchmark, but as these only occur every 6-30 months, getting a real-time view of how you’re doing can be difficult.

At Birdie, we want to give our partner agencies the tools they need to improve and so, alongside our comprehensive care management software we’ve been working on an exciting new tool to help our partners understand their performance, on an ongoing basis. 

The Birdie Quality Dashboard is a live platform that uses real-time data to assess how your agency is doing, based on a number of factors; like visits completed on time and alerts resolved. 

We’ve built this new tool with the intention to be in line with the CQC Key Lines of Enquiry so that when it’s time for your inspection, you’ll have a pretty good indication of how you’ll fare and you’ll have the information you need to be able to present your agency in the best way. 

Any Birdie agency with an integrated rostering solution (like CarePlanner, StaffPlan or ColdHarbour) can get weekly updates via email from their Account Manager directly, with practical tips and advice on how to improve. In the near future, we’re working on integrating the Quality Dashboard into the Birdie Agency Hub so you can drop in at any time and see how you’re doing.  

care call monitoring and quality dashboard

How do we measure your performance?

Your Quality Score is an overall score from 1-4. The higher your score, the better your agency is doing. Just like your CQC rating, your score aligns to how you’re doing. A score of 1 would indicate that you’re doing ‘inadequately’, 2 would correspond to ‘needing improvement’, 3 is ‘good’ and 4, ‘outstanding’. 

Your Quality Score takes into account four key areas and looks at how you’re currently performing in each. Each area aligns to a KLOE, which means that you can see where you need to improve in order to improve your CQC rating. 

We use the following areas to calculate your score:

Care Delivery

Care Planning


Caring Staff


Birdie's quality performance home care dashboard

Want to start improving your agencies performance? If you’re not already a Birdie partner, arrange a free demo today and we’ll walk you through how the Birdie Quality Dashboard could help, plus all of the other great benefits of Birdie. 

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