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How to attract top carers to your agency? Stay engaged!

May 3, 2022
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We asked the experts at Purpletribe to provide their expert guidance on how to attract and recruit top carers to your agency. This short post will provide you with some quick helpful tips to get things started!

At Purpletribe, We’ve learned that it can take some time for many potential care applicants to decide to apply for a role.  Many will apply to multiple care companies too, it’s so easy to apply online nowadays after all. It can also take a while for them to decide whether to progress to an interview.

If it takes a few website, page or store visits for us to make a commitment like a sofa purchase, why wouldn’t it take a similar number of ‘recruitment touch points’ with a potential employer to help someone decide to switch career, start or return to paid work in the care sector and in your care business?

In the same way businesses court customers to make a sale, we need to court potential team members. This isn’t about one big gesture but about showing genuine interest and staying with the applicant to see how they’re doing, and how you might be able to help them feel ready for the next step.

Just looking

While potential applicants are in their ‘just looking’, curious phase, offer them easy to access, helpful information on your website or social media. Can they easily see what you, the rest of your team, office or care home looks like? Do you have any films that give a ‘feel’ for what it’s like to work with you and what their potential new boss is like? This helps build confidence about applying for a job in the first place, it can be very intimidating.

Thinking about applying for a job

If someone makes the big commitment to apply for your vacancy, how can you make it the most welcoming recruiting experience they’ve ever had? You need to focus on the candidate’s experience more than anything else, and this starts with having a conversation that focuses on their needs, wants and desires. You need to build rapport with them and listen hard to what they are saying to you. Take an interest in them, they’ll appreciate it and if done correctly and authentically, you will benefit from the experience. Remember, many of their friends and relatives may not be fully supportive of a career in care. So go out of your way to reassure, talk or show them around, and introduce them to clients or residents if all are willing.

Keeping in touch

From the minute someone gets in touch, stay with them. From a weekly call, text or WhatsApp, to a monthly email keeping them up to speed with news and new opportunities.  It may take a few months for someone to apply, perhaps for reasons outside their control. Having patience and sticking with people is rewarding, you’ll be top of their mind when they are ready. Why not start a short ‘friends of’ newsletter, Facebook or Whatsapp group for potential applicants, sharing details of open days, staff training and development and how you value the team.

You can also demonstrate the positive impact your team have on people’s lives, with images and films from the ‘day in the life’ of a carer in your care business. You and your team will have lots of wonderful and inspiring stories that show how rewarding a job or career in care can be for the carer. Perhaps a senior carer would be happy to take on this activity for you.

When someone has applied for a care role

The minute you receive a contact from an applicant, acknowledge it. Arrange for you or a senior team member to speak to them ASAP. We’ve written about the ‘need for speed’ before and can’t stress its importance enough. And if it’s not the right time for you or the applicant after all, agree when that might be, the next steps and what help you might be able to offer.

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