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Hiring care professionals: What to look out for at interview

February 14, 2023
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Do you know what to look out for during an interview with a potential new care professional?

If you're hiring care professionals to join your care business, it's very important to make sure you ask the right questions and get the right answers. Here are some tip 'red flags' and 'green flags' to look out for during the interview stage, to help prevent you from choosing a candidate who may not fit well for your business.

Green flags

  • A willingness to learn new skills
  • A long-term growth plan for their role at the business
  • Demonstrating a more than surface level knowledge of the business
  • Showcasing passion and excitement towards the position
  • Transparency about past failures and how they’ve learned from them
  • Familiarity with technology and software systems
  • Clear, concise answers to your questions
  • A polite, engaged and friendly tone
  • A knowledge of current industry practices or recent changes
  • Asking questions or making statements that align to your businesses key values

Red flags

  • A complete lack of preparation, including having a basic knowledge about the business or role
  • Avoiding any acknowledgement of weaknesses
  • Avoiding any responsibility at all for mistakes
  • Evading or not properly answering interview questions, even if the question is rephrased
  • Not having any questions for the interviewer OR asking questions that are already clearly answered by the job post or website
  • A history of joining then leaving jobs within 4 months
  • Not having any familiarity with technology or software
  • Forgetting what has been asked or requiring frequent repetition of questions
  • Gossiping about former colleagues or employers
  • Unexplained big gaps or inconsistencies on their resume

When candidate numbers are low, it may be tempting to hire someone even if they have a number of red flags. However, a candidate who isn’t right for the role or the business will lead to potential additional financial costs, increased workload for other team members, low moral, negative reviews, reduced credibility and more.

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