April 26, 2022

Create your most efficient rota yet with our new travel time visual!

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What’s at stake?

Today, a large part of your carers’ time is spent traveling from visit to visit. And despite travel taking up so much of their precious time, it’s incredibly difficult to see and account for this during the rostering process. In fact, when care coordinators go to create their rotas, they’re faced with two main hurdles:

  1. They’re unable to identify there’s enough travel time between visits, and as a result, ensure that all scheduled visits can be delivered as planned.
  2. It’s hard to see inefficiencies in their rota, if there’s too large a waiting gap between visits for instance, so they can make the most of their carers’ precious time.

This lack of visibility adds up, resulting in less capacity filled for carers - as well as an increased risk of late or missed visits.

Introducing our new Travel Time visual!

We’re committed to giving you the visibility needed to make strategic decisions. Birdie gives partners 9x more visibility on day-to-day tasks than other care management software!

As part of that commitment, we’re giving you all the tools needed to easily visualise travel time - directly on your rota screen!

Our new travel time visual

From today, you’ll be able to:

Get an immediate understanding of travel time

Visual changes in real time

Our visual will give you an immediate understanding of travel across your rota - and help you quickly identify what’s possible.

Rather than guess and check, you and your team will know straight away if there’s not enough travel time - and as you move visits, the visual will provide a real-time reflection of the latest travel time required. This means you can feel confident you have the information needed to make good decisions - and fast.

View mode of transportation

This is entirely configurable, meaning you can choose when to access this information - and when to turn off if you’re looking to cut through the noise!

Close the gaps on your rota and maximise carer capacity!

We know how important it is to make the most of your carers' time. The first step in doing that is to create an efficient rota. That’s why our tool has been designed to help you easily identify any large inefficiencies, such as waiting gaps between visits. After identifying those gaps, you can take steps to make it more efficient and line up your carer’s day as close as possible - ultimately optimising the number of visits they can deliver and maximising their capacity!

De-risk the chance of missed or late visits

Our rota has been built to safeguard you from having any missed or late visits! With our visual cues and warnings, you’ll be able to move visits as close as possible - all while keeping the minimum travel time needed to ensure your carers will be on time and deliver quality care as planned! When dragging a visit, you’ll see the travel time visual turn red when you’re at risk of not leaving enough travel time. If you’ve moved the visit too close, the platform will surface a warning - and have you confirm you want to proceed with the change.

Quickly see where there's not enough travel time

How do I benefit?

This update is available as part of The Birdie Platform. To learn more about Travel Time and our entire suite of Rostering features, please reach out to your Account Manager!

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