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Dynamic Purchasing System: what you need to know

May 26, 2023
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If you work in the health and social care industry, you have likely heard of a DPS - or Dynamic Purchasing System

However, descriptions of what this actually means are varied and often unclear! 

This article provides a simple breakdown of what a DPS is, the benefits of them for health and social care businesses, how to register with one and some examples of different DPS’ available right now.

What is a dynamic purchasing system (DPS)?

In the context of health and social care, a dynamic purchasing system (DPS) refers to the group of digital suppliers available for health and social care businesses to help them store and manage their digital care records. 

Put simply, these suppliers - mostly care management solutions like Birdie - have been fully vetted by the Department of Health and Social Care to make sure they are fully compliant with all security and regulatory standards. This means that when a care provider is looking for a system to get their business digital, going via the DPS means they can be confident they’re choosing a supplier that meets the highest operational standards. 

In addition to this, choosing a supplier affiliated with the DPS can mean having access to special DPS funding to help the business get set up!

How to register with a dynamic purchasing system?

In order to register with a dynamic purchasing system, care providers must first go to the Digital Social Care website. Digital Social Care have been commissioned by the Department of Health and Social Care and the NHS to manage and direct health and social care businesses towards the DPS’ available to them. Their website therefore provides a number of resources and links to help providers find and register with the right supplier for them.

In order to register with a dynamic purchasing system, independent organisations and adult social care providers can use a Template Order Form to help them select a Supplier.  Once completed, the Order Form can be used as the basis of a contract between the care business and the selected supplier. Instructions for completing the form are included within each section, but there is an email available for any additional support needed.

For Public Sector organisations, the process is a little more complex, as it involves identifying needs and contract awarding. For the full process, check out the Digital Social Care guidance here!

Dynamic purchasing system examples

Here are a few examples of the approved suppliers for the NHS dynamic purchasing system:


Birdie provides care management software, including care planning, rostering and finance tools, to domiciliary care providers across the UK and Europe. Birdie is purpose built for domiciliary care providers, and allows users to understand care recipients’ deeper needs, build highly personalised plans, and rapidly respond to alerts and changes as they happen. Birdie software works by the side of each care team, providing essential information in real time - delivering information through a desktop office hub and an easy-to-use app for carer professionals out on visits.


Access is a care management platform that integrates various caregiving tasks, allowing care teams to collaborate online. It offers features for scheduling, documentation, and monitoring vital signs.


PASS, or the Person-Centred Automated Support System, automates routine caregiving tasks and provides insights into client well-being. It helps streamline administrative processes, such as scheduling and reporting.

Log my Care

Log my Care is a care management platform that simplifies documentation, care planning, and communication among caregivers. It digitizes information and provides real-time updates.

Nourish Care

Nourish Care is a care management system that supports care providers in delivering person-centred care. It offers features for care planning, task management, reporting, and analytics, adapting to different care settings.

Benefits of DPS for health and social care providers

​​The Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) offers a much faster and efficient procurement process, enabling buyers to complete simple tenders within a minimum of ten days. It is designed around generic service specifications that can be customised by buyers to meet their specific requirements. The DPS also promotes healthy competition, allowing local suppliers to join at any time during its lifetime, fostering a diverse supplier base.

Buyers using the DPS also have the flexibility to include their current providers, by requesting them to apply for the DPS before they look at their competition. This ensures a smooth transition and encourages continuity of service if desired. By following the provided guidelines, buyers can have confidence that their procurement process aligns with current legislation, promoting fairness and transparency.

To ensure the suitability of suppliers, ongoing spot checks are conducted throughout the lifespan of the DPS. This provides buyers with the reassurance that the selected suppliers are appropriate for their needs, maintaining the quality and reliability of services provided!

Good luck finding the right system for you and your care business!

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