December 15, 2023

How it works: Digital Assessments

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About Me

Make it personal

Keep your client at the core
Put your clients at the centre, with a range of digital assessments that help you to build a person-centred care plan around their needs.

Record what matters
Clearly record personal preferences, needs, goals and areas of risk unique to your client.

Instant access to what’s important
Care staff have immediate access to a client’s assessments and care plan from their mobile device, so they always have the latest information at hand.


Make it safe and comprehensive

High Quality, easy to use tools
Our digital assessments use industry standards and are co-designed with agencies to make them the highest quality

Assess In-depth
We offer a range of comprehensive assessments that can be used to find out in-depth information about your client.

Our assessments include:

  • Moving and Handling
  • Environmental
  • Communication
  • Waterlow
  • Mental Capacity


Make it efficient

Centralised records
All assessments are safely stored in one area providing you with a centralised database that is easy to access and useful for auditing or inspection purposes.

Time saving
Completing the assessments digitally is quick and easy. Information is automatically uploaded and stored on the client’s records, saving you precious time.

Going paperless
Using digital assessments will avoid laborious form filling and the need to collect paper assessments from your clients homes,  saving you time and money.

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