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Building a better Birdie: what we’re doing to improve your experience with us

January 28, 2022
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We are committed to making Birdie a best-in-class solution that improves not only your day-to-day work but the lives of the people you care for. This starts with providing you with the high-performing tools you need to succeed - from the moment you open and interact with our app. That’s why our team has been working on some under-the-hood things to keep things moving fast.

Here’s what we’ve been working on to improve your experience:

  • Geo-location improvements for a smoother check-in/out experience
  • Implemented live monitoring on the speed and reliability of the carer app
  • On-going app speed optimisation
  • Cutting out the unnecessary detail to help declutter your Birdie app

For more detail on exactly what we’ve been up to, you can read below!

Geo-location improvements for a smoother check-in/out experience

In October, Birdie switched to a location method similar to what you might find in your favourite navigation apps - to make things better (and provide more accuracy!) for you while checking in and out of any visit on an Android and iOS device. Check-in maps now have real-time location updates, so there is no need for you to refresh anymore - as long as you have the map open, it will update your location - all in real-time.

Geo-location improvements on mobile
Geo-location improvements on mobile

Since making this switch, we’ve seen a 30% increase in successful geo-location check-in and out.

Monitoring speed and reliability of the carer app

Birdie has implemented new analytics tools to help us better understand app performance - specifically the speed the app runs on carers’ phones - and allow us to provide an updated list of recommended devices that will optimise the way Birdie works for you. And as we release new features, we can continue to keep an eye on the app to make sure nothing impacts its speed.

On-going app speed optimisation

With our new monitoring systems in place, we identified key elements that were slowing the app down and impacting battery. And so we made some necessary changes. With those changes (and more to come!) in place, we’ve seen a 40% decrease in the amount of data being sent to apps - helping to enable a faster experience when clicking and navigating throughout the app - and result in better load times!

Cutting the unnecessary detail to help you declutter your Birdie app - coming soon!

We’re now working to give you better control of what information you see in the app and ways to prioritise care information, so you can have an app that runs faster and consumes less data. This is especially important for senior carers or on-call care managers that have more than 75 care recipients. That’s why we’re planning to:

  • Allow you to select and download care plans that are on hand when offline.
  • Recommend the number of care plans to have available offline at any given time.
  • Limit the amount of tasks downloaded on an app - keeping it to visits scheduled that day and the offline care plans you’ve selected.

Download care plans to view offline
Download care plans to view offline

These are just a few of the behind-the-scenes things we’ve been working on recently - with more to come. We hope this showcases our commitment to making your experience with Birdie one that is seamless, simple and optimised for the way you work - and the way you care. 💙

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