August 2, 2022

Birdie Workshops: Achieve CQC Confidence

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Over a warm week in July 2022, Birdie partnered up with CIA (Care Improvement Associates) to host the very first two in-person CQC confidence workshops.

These were free practical in-person workshops in London and Manchester, hosting registered managers and care professionals from the north and south. Attendees were able to...

  • Learn the foundational basics of CQC evaluations and what to expect
  • Discover the latest guidance around assessments and ratings
  • Hear from industry experts, CIA, and get the chance to talk to their peers in the home care industry about their struggles
  • Learn the importance of good data and evidence to support goodCQC ratings
  • How to easily use Birdie to collect evidence, so any evaluation becomes a breeze

This is just the start! Team Birdie are developing these workshops even further - with a number of in-person dates already in the pipeline for the rest of 2022 and beyond.

Keep up to date on our new events page - coming soon!

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