October 4, 2021

Birdie named in Startups 100: The Annual List of Most Disruptive New UK Businesses

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Birdie named as a top 10 startup in the 2021 Startups 100 list

  • Birdie listed in prestigious list that previously identified brands including Revolut, Deliveroo, HelloFresh and Bulb 
  • 2021 list reflective of post-pandemic world with at-home care service, digital wills and petcare app all in top ten
  • Startups on this year’s list have raised over £951 million in finance and over £696 million in revenue

The UK’s longest running index of disruptive new startups, the Startups 100, has released its 2021 lineup and we’re super excited to announce that Birdie has made the list - and we’re in at #9!

Run by the UK’s most established website for entrepreneurs, Startups.co.uk, the Startups 100 offers a showcase of new businesses that demonstrate innovation, solid financials, economic impact, and the ability to scale. The list has previously identified exciting new brands including Revolut, Deliveroo, HelloFresh and Bulb. 

We're so excited that Birdie, an agetech startup on a mission to reinvent the way we age has reached the top 10. Birdie was founded to radically improve the lives of millions of older adults by providing digital tools (apps, IoT & machine learning) and services that put preventative care at the forefront. With a growing network of home care partners, numerous accolades including B Corp certification, Birdie is shaping a new kind of corporation that takes responsibility for our communities and our environment.

“After a particularly difficult year for businesses we are happier than ever to celebrate UK success stories. Every year the Startups 100 shows how UK businesses are responding to the issues, concerns and trends of the time. Entrepreneurs solve problems - whether that is the home care crisis being tackled by businesses like Cera and Birdie, diversity in hiring being challenged by Multiverse or the recent pet boom being capitalised on by Vet AI - you can see UK businesses innovating to meet the challenges of the time - and being very successful whilst doing it!”

Richard Parris, Managing Editor of Startups.co.uk

See the full list, here.

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