September 28, 2020

Birdie is now available on GCloud: here’s what it means

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GCloud is a government framework for software providers that enables UK public bodies such as local authorities and NHS organisations to buy services without the need for a full tendering process. It is not a framework that can be used by privately run care agencies, but we’re pretty excited about being included, and we wanted to explain to you what it means.

As a supplier on the Digital Marketplace, Birdie on GCloud is available under the Cloud Software Services category, and we provide three service offers that build on each other:

Birdie for Home Care

This is the Birdie software, designed for home care agencies that you know and love.

Birdie for Home Care is our digital care management and monitoring solution that allows home care agencies to go paperless. Agencies can manage their care assessments, planning, visits and monitoring through an easy to use app and web-based hub. Families have peace of mind through full visibility of the care provided to their loved ones.

Birdie for 24/7 Monitoring

This is our always-on home monitoring solution, consisting of falls, movement and door sensors. As an optional addition to Birdie for Home Care, it provides unique insight, combining 24/7 monitoring information with care visit observations, that help identify and address risks to clients earlier, at a lower cost.

Birdie for 24/7 Monitoring is designed to complement and enhance insights about how service users are doing when your care workers are not in their homes. If you are interested in this, please arrange a meeting with our Clinical AI Lead, Kath.

Birdie for Commissioners: 

This is our council facing solution, giving commissioners and social workers visibility of care provided in their area. Combined with Birdie for Home Care, it provides access to care visit data and carer observations, including client well-being - enabling dynamic reviews of care packages, at lower costs, and better outcomes for clients.

This solution is aimed at commissioners, to help improve how they and our agencies can work with each other, for example in terms of more easily sharing information, commissioning services, or reviewing care packages. As such, it is a collaboration between commissioners and agencies, and any data sharing will require consent from you (and ultimately your care recipients) should a council want to adopt it in your area.

If you are an agency working with a council that you think would be interested in partnering with you and Birdie to try out a new way of working, we’d love to chat with you. Send us an email if you’re interested in hearing more. 

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