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Introducing our newest digital tool: Mental capacity assessments

At Birdie, we’re working on making our care management software as valuable as possible for our customers. We’re always listening to feedback and we’re excited to announce that we’ve recently launched a new assessment tool, the Mental Capacity Assessment - as requested by our partner agencies. 

Paper vs digital assessments

Many home care providers use paper to record assessments at present, however, we’ve heard first-hand from many of our own customers about the problems, risks and costs associated with using paper. From printing and storing, to handwriting issues and problems with security, going digital can alleviate and even eliminate many of these problems.

What’s new?

Within the Birdie Agency Hub, you can create person-centred digital care plans, aligned with your client’s individual needs, and now you can assess each person’s capacity to make decisions. 

When it comes to things like consent to care and financial decisions, it’s important that those who are caring for your client are aware of their capacity to make these decisions. That’s why any Mental Capacity Assessment you complete will also be available in your carer’s app, so carers are always aware.

How to use the new tool?

We’ve designed our digital Mental Capacity Assessment using information from the Mental Capacity Act and CQC guidance. It’s a simple to use form that allows you to complete as many assessments as you need to and edit them as required. 

We don’t force you to fill in boxes or complete certain elements, instead, we give you the freedom to make each assessment person-centred. 

Birdie user interface showing assessments and care planning tools

Assessing your client’s mental capacity

When assessing your client’s capacity, to make certain decisions, like dealing with their own finances or consenting to care, you’ll be asked to write that decision in down in order to start the assessment e.g. consent to care), Then you can answer a number of follow on questions to help determine if the client has capacity alongside any accompanying information. 

You can then determine whether or not your client has the capacity to make the decision stated, based on the supporting information.

If you don’t feel you can make a definitive decision on your client’s mental capacity, you can simply choose ‘unsure’ at the end of the assessment. 

Once you’ve completed the assessment, you can complete another one concerning a different decision if you need to. Each capacity assessment you make will be available for you (or a CQC inspector) to review at any time.

Within the carer app, your staff will be able to quickly navigate to a client’s mental capacity assessment and see whether or not a capacity decision has been made. 

Birdie's mental capacity assessment in action

The Mental Capacity Assessment is just the first in a suite of tools we’re rolling out to make it simpler to assess your client’s needs. We recently launched our Environment and Fire Risk Assessment and there’s, even more, coming soon. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to be the first to know about our newest features. 

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Want to see Birdie in action and get an even closer look at our Mental Capacity Assessment? Book a free demo here