Building products the Birdie way

We work closely with our partners as we create new features and improve existing ones. From making updates based on customer feedback to running limited beta programmes to test new features, your needs stay at the heart of what we do.

Product Philosophy 1

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Product Philosophy 2

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Product Philosophy 3

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How do we build our product?

Everything starts with a great idea…

Whether one of our clever Birdies has a brainwave or our Customer Success team have received some great feedback from our partners, we’re always on the hunt for new ideas. We’ll think carefully about the impact this will have on our partners and the benefit it will bring both your team and your Care Recipients.

How do we build a product?

…then they start to take shape!

This is where our product and delivery teams flesh ideas out carefully to ensure any new features are effective, easy to use and work seamlessly with the existing products available to you within Birdie. Designers start crafting ideas while our tech leads carefully assess technical risks involved.

Next we prioritise…

We’re often brimming with ideas but this means we have to carefully prioritise them to ensure you receive features that will deliver maximum impact for your agency. Our delivery teams hold regular prioritisation sessions to ensure they’re building features that solve key problems for our partners and contribute to our overall goal of facilitating personalised and responsive care.

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How do we build a product?

….before finalising our plans.

Once we’ve prioritised an idea, the whole team get to work refining this into a feature that we can launch to our partners, thinking carefully about the user journey and what a ‘good’ feature looks like. Designs are finalised, prototypes are created and our Clinical Safety Officer is consulted in order for us to progress in developing them.

Then it starts coming to life…

After we refine our idea it’s time to get building! Our teams will develop a functional feature that our partners can use. This is where we iron out any bugs ensure it’s intuitive and simple to use. Sometimes the whole company comes together to try out and test features so we can mitigate any potential errors or risks ahead of launch!

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How do we build a product?

…and is tested in the wild…

Before we widely launch a new feature we often run a limited beta programme, with a few carefully chosen agencies who can provide us with vital feedback on how our feature works in practice. Because of the rigorous testing we’ve already carried out, feedback is normally pretty positive but it’s an important step as we check that new tools are working as well as intended and allows us to make any final tweaks.

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How do we build a product?

…it’s here!

After months of brainstorming, designing, building and testing we’ll be ready to launch a new feature to our partners! We’ll always make sure that with new features come plenty of resources and tips on how to make the most of these new features and our Customer Success teams will be equipped to help answer any questions as you get to grips with them.

Ongoing development

‍We are committed to ensuring you benefit from the highest quality of product, which means the work doesn’t stop once a new feature has launched.

We’re continuously reviewing the usage and performance of everything we release and we often launch new iterations of our features to improve on what we’ve already developed and build on the feedback that you provide.

Secure by design

Your trust, your data and your client's safety are of the utmost important to us. It’s why we take many steps to ensure we’re meeting industry best practice standards, including:

  • Completing clinical risk analysis every time we develop new features

  • Building data protection into our work by default by following ICO recommendations and having a dedicated Data Protection Officer to oversee and advise

  • Having 24/7 incident response teams and on-call engineers on hand at all times

For more information on our security practices, click here.

Available for integrations

Our platform is set up to be fully interoperable, with a suite of open APIs and data standards available for integration with other care management systems and software applications. These allow you access everything from your care management data to your invoicing & payroll data. Our APIs also ensure:

  • Your data remains secure, while being seamlessly integrated with your other services and platforms using open APIs.

  • Authorised individuals within your agency can access data about the care you deliver through our core APIs.

Our public roadmap

We’re committed to being truly transparent with our partners, whose feedback is vital to building products that solve real challenges in care. Check out our public roadmap to see what we're up to right now!

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Frequently asked questions

What happens during a beta?

A beta is an important step in the journey of a new Birdie feature. It allows us to gather initial feedback and respond to it before we share a feature more widely. Often we do this externally with a limited number of partners.

It’s great for us, as we can ensure we’ve built a high-quality product and it’s great for our partners, who can rest assured that they’re receiving new features that have undergone rigorous testing and review!

How do you choose which partners to run beta programmes with?

It all depends! Our partners are often excited to test a feature they’ve been waiting for but we have to consider lots of factors, including the number of participants required, who can invest time into providing us with detailed feedback and which job role or type of care provision our new feature will benefit the most.

How can I learn what features are going to be available?

If you want to learn more about the many wonderful tools already available as part of Birdie click here. If you’d like to see what we’re working on at this very moment you can do that to! Our public roadmap is here for everyone to see.

How can I learn about using Birdie?

Don't worry - we make sure you have plenty of resources to make the most of our tools and get stuck in straight away. Our dedicated Birdie Academy provides detailed, step-by-step guides on how to get set up and start using everything already available to you and our online Help Centre is available to dip into whenever you need reminders. When new features are released to you, we’ll make sure to email you across helpful guides, videos and tips!

If you need any guidance with new or existing features our Support Team are on hand to help.

Meet the brains behind Birdie.

We’re incredibly proud of the quality of our product and equally proud of our product managers, tech leads, designers and engineers who work tirelessly to make them a reality. They bring a wealth of experience from the home care, technology and healthcare industries!


Senior Product Designer

"Our partners have a huge amount to get done in very little time. I want to do everything I can through my design to reduce time spent on laborious processes, and give it back to the people that matter."


Head of Product

"My background as a GP was all about listening to patients and asking the right questions to get to the root of their problem - this is no different to product - listening to our partners is vital to creating solutions which actually solve the problems they're facing."


Senior Software Engineer

"Building software at Birdie means building something that can truly change the lives of those most in need. Every day I'm given the chance to help shape a better future, and I can't think of anything more rewarding than that."

See our products in action

Want to see what all the fuss is about? One of our team will be happy to show you what we have to offer with a free, personalised demo. No hard-sell, just a chance to answer your questions and show you what Birdie can do for you.