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The information you need to optimise your processes, systems and teams, all in one place. Growing your business has never been so easy.

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73% of Birdie users save 7-15 hours a week on day-to-day operations

78% of users say Birdie has helped them accelerate their business growth

Have your team ready to hit the ground running

Access easily digestible performance insights that make it clear how to grow

[.text_bold][.text_teal-dark]See key insights, data and evidence at a glance.[.text_teal-dark][.text_bold]
Our rich analytics tool gives you an overview of your entire business or allows you to segregate data according to branch, team or franchise - so you can make the right strategic decisions to scale and grow.

New hire? New branch? Whole new location? Use technology that grows with you

[.text_bold][.text_teal-dark]Feel confident and supported as you grow your business.[.text_teal-dark][.text_bold]
Get full visibility of your operations, including people, processes and standards, to accelerate onboarding, training and change management. Every department of your business uses the same software - no more mix and match or switching between multiple systems. Now you have consistency and efficiency across the board and can expand into new services or locations with ease

Help your team feel confident and supported with user-friendly technology

[.text_bold][.text_teal-dark]Intuitive, easy-to-use software.[.text_teal-dark][.text_bold]
Even for people who lack confidence with tech. Birdie supports the whole team - care delivery, finance, HR and IT, with tailor-made tools designed in partnership with social care providers.

Rest easy knowing you have best-in-class technology built to help eliminate risk

[.text_bold][.text_teal-dark]The more complex your business, the higher the risk.[.text_teal-dark][.text_bold]
Birdie simplifies auditing, medicines management and compliance to drive down risk and improve outcomes. Consistent processes, tooling and standards across teams and locations help you evidence high-quality care and maintain your reputation.

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"Our customer satisfaction is running at 98% - you don’t get that if you don’t get the basics right. One of the things birdie does is it helps us to get it right every time."

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