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An all-in-one system that uses structured data and open API integrations to bring your tech stack together into one powerful tool.

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Did you know:

Birdie has an uptime of 99.9% or higher

Birdie has achieved Cyber Essentials Plus, the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit Standards

Have your team ready to hit the ground running

Keep things - and data - running smoothly with real-time flows and syncs

[.text_teal-dark][.text_bold]Data updates in real-time across the platform, so any changes are instant. [.text_bold][.text_teal-dark]
Care professionals, managers, care recipients and their families can all access the information they need when they need it. Birdie takes care of automatic back-end updates, so you can focus on supporting the care team and implementing new features.

Insights unlocked - access easy-to-digest, structured data

[.text_teal-dark][.text_bold]Surface data quickly and easily - no more gathering information from multiple systems for auditing and reporting. [.text_bold][.text_teal-dark]
Birdie pulls together data into digital reports that support CQC requirements, so the team can better prepare for inspections.

Open arms, open platform: our system is interoperable and can easily slot with your existing tech stack

[.text_teal-dark][.text_bold]Collaborate with external parties using APIs and third-party integrations that make life easier for the whole team. [.text_bold][.text_teal-dark]
Care plans, eMARs and other documents can be shared with social workers, district nurses, GPs and pharmacies with one click. All integrations are developed with data security and GDPR compliance at front of mind.

Secure by design

[.text_teal-dark][.text_bold]Move and share data without ever compromising security. [.text_bold][.text_teal-dark]
While you control who accesses information, with one-time authentication links and manager-controlled permissions, Birdie ensures maximum data security behind the scenes.

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Customer Story

Christies Care and Birdie | [.text_orange-dark]How easy was it to onboard?[.text_orange-dark]

"The peace of mind we now have is priceless – the system we’re using empowers staff to fulfil their roles and duties, records are ‘live’ so we keep the service safe, and the birdie app and desktop hub is so intuitive."

Leonie Goldson


Managing Director


Reed Community Care

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