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What's new at Birdie: November

November 29, 2022
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Our team has been working behind the scenes to bring a series of new features and make your Birdie experience the best one yet.

From improving double up visibility and printing rotas to enabling a more granular record of team information, read on for the latest batch of updates!

Change and update administration routes for medications

We know medications are intended and licensed to be taken by a particular ‘route’. For example, a tablet is taken orally and a cream cutaneously or rubbed into the skin.

But that route may not always be the one that is right for your individual care recipient. For example, if someone is not able to swallow, they may take tablets ground down and administered via a PEG tube.

Update route of medication

We’ve made it so you can now also do this for scheduled medications and blister packs! You’ll now be able to edit the route on pre-existing medication schedules as well.

Provide clear guidance when administering medications with dose ranges

Birdie has made it so Care Managers have a place to document guidance around choosing a dose strength, when a prescription is for a range, e.g. 1-2 tablets of Paracetamol. Previously, this was included in the ‘additional instructions’ section, but we’ve now provided a dedicated space for this guidance.

Document clear dose range guidance

Care Professionals will be able to access this directly from the Birdie app, meaning they feel confident they have the information needed to make informed and safe decisions.

Select, respond to and resolve multiple alerts

Based on your feedback, our team has added the ability to multi-select alerts within Inbox - making it easy to respond to and resolve multiple alerts.

Bulk resolve alerts

Simply click the 'Multi select' toggle at the top of the Inbox tab - you can also read the article here to learn more.

Small but mighty improvements to alerts

We’ve recently made some minor improvements to alerts, helping you better manage and identify what most urgently requires your attention.

Medication alerts consolidation

This includes:

  • Grouping of blister pack alerts: If you have multiple medications within the same blister pack that are not ‘fully taken’, you will now receive only one alert per blister pack. Inside that alert, you’ll have all details of the medications contained within that blister pack.
  • Grouping of alerts for medications with no outcome received: If in any one visit you have multiple medications with no outcome received, you will now receive grouped alerts for these medications, which will be sent according to the alert timings you have chosen. Inside those alerts, you’ll have all details of the medications that had no outcome received.

Please note: All scheduled medications that are not ‘fully taken’ will still receive an individual alert per medication.

Download and print rotas - from directly within Birdie!

We know it’s important to provide your care recipients with visibility on their weekly visit schedule - and that they appreciate having that schedule updated and left in their home, so they know what care professional is going to visit with them - and when.

That’s why we’ve made it so you can easily download and print weekly visit schedules for your care recipients. Where before you’d leverage a report in our analytics tool, you can now access this directly in the agency hub!

Download and print weekly rotas

Within the ‘Visits’ tab of any care recipient, you’ll now see the option to ‘Download visits.’ You can then download and save as a PDF. After you've saved this, you can then email on to the care recipient as you'd like. Alternatively, you can choose to print this! It will even be branded with your agency’s logo!

Please note: this is available for those leveraging Birdie’s rostering functionality.

Care professionals can view double up partners in advance!

We know that when it comes to planning and coordinating transport - especially for early morning visits - it’s important for your care team to know their double up partner in advance.

That’s why Birdie's listened to your feedback and made some major improvements to how you can view these visits within the mobile app.

Your care professionals will now get the visibility they need to make coordinating double up visits a breeze. On the app, they’ll simply click into the Visits tab and tap on the double up icon next to any double up visit assigned to them. They’ll then see a pop-up alerting them this visit is paired, including the name of their double up partner.

Your care professional can then click on the double up partner’s phone number to give them a call and coordinate as needed. Please note: phone numbers will only be visible and displayed in the Birdie app if you have previously opted-in to this. Please contact your Account Manager if you’d like to have this on.

They’ll be able to view this information for any double up visit currently assigned and visible to them, for instance 2 days from now.

To benefit, please get your care professionals to download the latest version of the mobile app (11.18.1) - we’ve also sent them a message to do so. If you manage devices on your care professionals’ behalf, please make sure your mobile device management (MDM) solution has updated Birdie to the latest version of the app.

For more on how to use this feature, please see the article here.

Record the critical information needed to effectively manage your teams

We know there are key pieces of information you need to record about your team. From onboarding and staff development to communication preferences and termination details, these details are a crucial step to digitising your team management and ensuring you have the information needed to best manage and retain them.

That’s why Birdie has enabled you to record additional details within your team profiles! This includes the creation of three new sections:

  • Personal details: Here, you are able to view the existing profile of your team member, including name, email and phone contact information. You’ll now be able to record ‘Additional details’, including date of birth, additional phone numbers or key highlights about the person. There’s also a new ‘Personal identity’ section, allowing you to record title, preferred name, gender and pronouns.
Additional sections in the basic profile

  • Key contacts: You’re now able to record and manage key contacts for your team, including name, relationship to a care professional, phone number, email and type of contact, i.e. Next of kin or Emergency.

Record NOK and emergency contacts

  • Agency admin: Within this new section, you are able to record communication preferences and key termination data, including date of termination, the reason or type of termination, i.e. resigned or dismissed, as well as a free-text area to document details that led to the termination or any further information. Please note: we’ve also moved Role, Status and Group settings to this area.

Agency admin on the team profile

To access and add this information, simply click onto any team profile. At the top of the Basic info screen, you’ll now see these three new sections!

Introducing a pain-free way to edit rates

You asked, we listened. Based on your feedback, we’ve made some improvements to our rate cards, giving total flexibility to edit and update them as you need. This includes:

  • Ability to change the order of rates on any rate card - with new toggle arrows to quickly move any rate up or down.
  • Edit icons next to each individual rate - so you can go zero in on exactly what you need to change.

Easily reorder rates on rate cards

This edit rates feature is now available in the Birdie Agency Hub.

Improvements to exporting pay runs

When you export a pay run by rate, we’ve now provided some extra details including the service type, when available in Birdie. We’ve also split the existing ‘quantity’ field into ‘hours’ and ‘miles’ within that same export.

Restore multiple visits for confirmation

We know there may be times you need to restore multiple visits back for confirmation. Where before it was possible to restore individual visits, we’ve now made it so you can restore multiple visits in one go - for any individual care professional.

Bulk restore visits to confirmation

On any care professional’s timesheet, simply click ‘Restore visits.’ You’ll then see a pop-up modal asking you to confirm this.

Introducing our new Client Details report in Birdie Analytics

We’ve created a new report that contains key client-level details like their DOB, whether or not they’re regulated, and their age band. This also includes their phone number.

Identify if client Waterlow scores have changed

We’ve created an additional report that showcases any change in a care recipient’s Waterlow score. This is an aggregated dashboard of all score changes across your branch or agency.

Quickly understand gross margin across your care business

The team has worked on a new report that will allow you to quickly get an understanding of Profit and Loss across your agency. This is available for Birdie platform partners.

Our new Profit and Loss report

Know what percent of visits started within 15, 30 or 60 minutes of their scheduled time!

We’ve made it so you can now select and filter the percent of visits that started within 15, 30 or 60 minutes in the Visit Punctuality and Fulfilment report.

Visit punctuality report in Birdie Analytics

Simply select and filter down using the drop down menu at the top of the report. Then click ‘update.’

See you next time! 👋

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