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What's new at Birdie: March 2023

March 27, 2023
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Spring is finally upon us and the team at Birdie are been doing their best to bring some added sunshine to your day with a host of new features!

From security improvements to our new workflows, read on to find out more.

Improvements to medication scheduling

We’ve added some useful prompts to the Agency Hub, making it easier to remember to assign and ensure safeguarding when adding new medication schedules to visits. Making changes to a care recipient’s medication schedules requires stopping the current schedule and creating a new one. Now you will see a confirmation message in the bottom left hand corner when stopping or adding a new medication schedule.

See a confirmation of your changes and a prompt to assign medications

You will also get a helpful pop up reminding you to assign these medications to upcoming visits.

Limited Beta: Termination workflows

When a Care Professional leaves your team, it’s important to understand the impact this has on visit schedules and to reduce the risk of allocating visits that take place beyond their termination date.

We’re making the termination process even easier, by offering the option to remove a Care Professional’s availability and their visits from the Agency Hub once a termination date is saved. Once you enter their termination date into the Agency Admin section of their Profile, simply click the checkbox below to remove their availability past this date.

Tick the box found in the Agency Admin section of the Care Professional's Profile

Their availability will show as ‘Out of Hours’ and all scheduled visits after this date will be removed.

Please note: this is part of a limited beta, and will be available as part of a separate Birdie offering. Watch this space for when termination workflows will be made widely available!

Security improvements to the Carers App

We’ve taken some important steps to make sure your data remains secure at all times. Care Professionals are now asked to re-authenticate their account and log in using a one-time SMS code if they have not opened the Carers App for 15 days or longer

When you see this screen, simply re-authenticate using the SMS code

They will also be asked to do this if the next time they come online if they have been using the app offline for 15 days or longer.

Read this article for more information on this update and please update to the latest version of the Birdie app so you continue to benefit from performance and security updates.

Coming Soon: alerts for double-up visits

Birdie are offering more detailed visibility into double-up visits, when more than one Care Professional is allocated. Soon, you’ll be able to receive alerts if one or more Care Professional have not checked in to the visit at the expected time when part of a double-up visit.

The alert will show the name of the Care Professional(s) who have not checked in to the double-up visit, and clicking on the alert will share more details about the visit, including the name of the care recipient and the planned check in time.

Coming Soon: Manual check in/check out

We understand that sometimes a Care Professional might forget to check in or out of of a visit and your team may have to contact us at Birdie to manually check a Care Professional in or out on your behalf. Soon you’ll be able to save plenty of time by doing this yourself, through a new ‘manual check-out’ button.

This button, available within the Agency Hub, will gives agency staff the ability to check Care Professionals into or out of their scheduled visit, saving your team time and ensuring accurate visit details are saved ahead of invoicing and payment.

A newly renamed ‘Roster’ tab!

Based on your feedback we’ve recently renamed the ‘Visits’ tab, which now appears as ‘Roster’ within your Agency Hub. This is a small but mighty change, which we hope better reflects the wide range of rostering tools you can access through Birdie!

Coming Soon: New visit check in alerts

When a Care Professional logs on to the Birdie mobile app they can check into any of their scheduled visits for the day, regardless of the time.

To avoid the risk of accidentally checking into the wrong visit within their schedule, Care Professionals will now receive an alert if they check into a visit that is scheduled over a certain amount of time later than the time on their phone. They can proceed to check into this visit, if required.

The default threshold for an alert is 30 minutes, but you can contact your Customer Success Manager to set a different threshold if needed.

Please note: This will soon be available to those on the Birdie Platform leveraging our rostering functionality.

Coming Soon: Action workflows

We know there are often a set series of actions you have to carry out when an event takes place, such as a new Care Professional or care recipient joining your agency. Manually creating a list of actions each time can be time consuming and there’s a risk of forgetting to assign or complete an action.

Now, we’re giving you the option to create and customise a series of workflows in response to one of three trigger events, which will cause a standard set of actions to automatically be generated within your Agency Hub - all you have to do is assign them to the relevant team member as you normally would!

Your Customer Success Manager will be able to fully customise each set of actions for your agency, in response to any of the three trigger events:

  • Client profile created
  • Carer profile created
  • First visit completed

Actions will be autogenerated and ready to be assigned

Please note: This feature is part of a limited beta. Stay tuned for more information.

Coming Soon: Interaction types

The team at Birdie are working hard on changes that will make it easier to distinguish between different types of visits, including shadowing visits and introductory visits, making it easier for Care Professionals to prepare for delivery and easier for Finance Teams to evidence visits that may have different billing structures.

These handy changes will also be able to see how much time is spent introducing and training new members of your team. We look forward to sharing more details of our work on interaction types, so please stay tuned!

Coming Soon: Concerns Report

Our new Concerns report will allows you to review the number of reported concerns across your agency, as well as acting as a centralised summary of the type of reported concerns you are receiving.

As always, check out our public roadmap to see what updates and new features we’re working on, including those currently in beta.

See you next time! 👋

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