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What's new at Birdie: July 2022

August 4, 2022
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Time to take a break and discover what exciting improvements our team has been working on! We're excited to share what we have done over the last month and what more is coming in August. To see why August will be an amazing month, read on!

Improving the way you store addresses in Birdie

To be able to give you a better experience we’ve improved the way of searching and storing addresses within the Birdie Platform. This includes enabling you to search by exact address (starting with the first line of that address) and improving the accuracy of the location information.

Adding address

With this update you will be able to:

  • Ensure travel time is calculated accurately, resulting in correct pay for your care professionals
  • Provide a consistent address so your care professionals will know exactly where they need to go when carrying out a visit

If amendments need to be made to the address that you’ve selected, these can be done whilst retaining secure-check in and mileage calculations.

On the horizon… more tools for your auditing toolkit!

We are very happy to see our partners dive into and love Client Feed and Notes! We hope you’ve found it very beneficial when it comes to surfacing the evidence you need for each of your care recipients.

This feedback inspired us to look for even more ways to transform the way you audit and evidence quality care.

Here’s a sneak peek at what we’re currently exploring!

  • Carer Feed - A feed designed to equip you with a centralised place to log and view all information related to any individual care professional - including notes for compliments, complaints and more!
Carer Feed
  • Tags - Tags will enable you to easily categorise visits, notes and alerts - helping you more easily find what you’re looking for, see trends and easily collect evidence when you audit your care. Neat!

  • Inbox - Inbox will enable you to track and coordinate any and all issues raised across your care business - and give you a single place to view and respond in real-time.

  • Actions - We know it’s important to monitor back-office tasks, such as family member calls, and track who is completing them. Within Birdie, Actions will enable you to create and follow these tasks directly within the Agency Hub.

Stay tuned for more updates on this and information on how you can benefit!

Please note: the above auditing functionality will be available as part of one of our Birdie Platform packages.

Exciting improvements coming to your Q Score

We are committed to making Birdie a best-in-class solution that improves not only your day-to-day work but the lives of the people you care for. This includes providing you with the actionable data and insights you need to grow your agency and deliver high-quality care. That’s why our team has been working on some behind-the-scenes things to improve how your Q Score is calculated.

As a first step, we’ve:

  • Improved the accuracy of completion rates for medication outcomes within your Q Score reports. We've filtered out medication data for medications where your agency is not responsible for administration.

Next steps:

  • We are reviewing further improvements we can make to Birdie Analytics reporting, specifically around the Q score!
  • We will update you on any improvements we make here over the coming months!

In the works… Make the best match for your clients and surface skills and qualifications exactly when you need them!

We know that providing person-centred care is one of the core aims of your business, as well as providing the best match for care professionals and clients.

Therefore our team is looking to develop the ability to leverage skills when creating your rota. This means you'll be able to ensure only care professionals with appropriate skills are scheduled for visits that require extra qualifications and keep the care recipient and their unique needs at the centre of your care. This feature of Birdie will help you to be sure the caregiver is competent for that visit.

Stay tuned for more on this and information on how to benefit!

As always, you can see what we’re cooking up next on our Public Roadmap here!

See you next time! 👋

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