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What's new at Birdie: February 2024

February 21, 2024
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It’s February, which means love is in the air! Whatever you think of Valentines Day, the Birdie team have been hard at work with some new updates that we think you’ll absolutely adore.

Read on to find out what new features and improvements we’re developing and what we’re working on over the coming weeks!

Updated timesheets within the Birdie app!

We’re giving Care Professionals a clearer overview of their timesheets, while providing office teams with the freedom to customise what they view in the Birdie app.

Care Professionals can now click on a particular day or date range within their Birdie app and see a clearer breakdown of all visits within this period, along with total confirmed mileage, waiting time and travel time. Please note, if the visit has not been confirmed by a care manager it will not show in the app.

If you’d like to customise these settings for your agency to remove the travel, wait time or mileage view and you have not already contacted us, please get in touch with so we can assist you.

Improved rotas within the Birdie app!

We're simplifying rota navigation for all of our Care professionals, as well as giving our app a bit of a makeover! With the newest app version, Care Professionals can now navigate directly to any day of the week without having to open their calendar and swipe between different weeks to find specific dates in the past and future.

There’s a handy dot to highlight which days they are scheduled to work and whatever week they are looking at, they’ll now see their total confirmed hours on the screen.

We hope these updates help your team understand their working week faster. Enjoy!

View a Care Professionals’ names in alerts about late visits

We’ve improved our late-visit alerts! Now, when a visit has not started on time the alert sent by SMS and by email will include the name of the Care Professional assigned to the visit, allowing office teams to respond appropriately and get in touch with the relevant Care Professional with ease.

For more information on the alerts available within Birdie click here.


Easily view client names on the invoices page and invoice exports

We’ve made some improvements to the way names show on the Invoices page in Birdie, including:

  • The Care Recipient column in Invoices now lists clients, rather than “Multiple”
  • PDFs and CSVs for multi-client invoices show the client names, rather than “Multiple” (except for bulk CSV exports which continue to show 1 line per invoice)
  • A new avatar-based design makes it easy identify and count multi-clients invoices
  • When searching for a name, multi-client invoices will also appear in the results

These improvements will apply to all new invoices you generate, past invoices will remain unaffected.

Improvements to invoicing

We’re adding heaps of improvements to our invoice feature, allowing you to add more detail and enjoy more flexibility over the information you add and share to your payers.

When configuring your invoices, you’ll soon be able to add office phone numbers to make it easier for payers to get in touch, as well as viewing and sharing the date and category that an expense relates to.

We’re also introducing the ability to toggle whether you show or hide expense breakdowns on your invoice - so watch this space!

Updates to task scheduling

We’re making it easier than ever to schedule tasks within Birdie. Updates we’re working to introduce include the ability to amend the start date of a schedule in the future, as well as introducing custom task scheduling so you can schedule a task to repeat every 2 weeks or every 3 days for example - you’ll have total flexibility!

Plus, we’re working to give the task planner a refresh, so you get a clearer overview of task schedules at a glance and manage them more efficiently. We look forward to sharing more details about this soon.

As always, check out our public roadmap for more information on what we're working on. 👋

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