April 23, 2024

What's new at Birdie: April 2024

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Not feeling too springlike? Ignore the cold winds outside, here at Birdie we’ve got plenty of exciting new features that will be sure to warm your cockles and put a smile on your face. Read on to see what the team have been working on!

View additional details in your visit planning timeline

We've made a small but helpful improvement to provide you with more clarity when reviewing and auditing care delivery within Birdie!

When you click into an individual visit you can see when a task or medication has been added to/removed from a visit plan. Now, you can also see the exact name of the medication or task that has been impacted within the 'Timeline' view of the visit details.

Improvements to scheduling activities for overnight visits

We’ve released some handy improvements to the way in which partners can schedule tasks and medications for overnight visits.

Previously, if a overnight visit (e.g. 8PM - 8AM) began on a Tuesday and ended on a Wednesday, you'd have morning tasks that would sit in the Wednesday column within the 'Visits' tab of the client profile. We’ve now made it possible to drag this morning activity into the previous night’s visit, which is actually the start of the overnight visit -  creating better alignment between the activity and visit schedule.

You can drag activities to any visits where there is an overlap in time! If you attempt to drag the activity into a visit where there is no overlap in time, you will see a warning and will have the option to amend the assignment.

New seizures observation for complex care

Care Professionals can now record information about a seizures within the Observations tab of the Birdie app so that all relevant information can be recorded clearly and consistently.

The new ‘Seizure’s workflow within the Observations tab allows Care Professionals to record detailed and structured about seizures during visit, including the time and location of the seizure and any triggering factors.

This information will be available to the Care Managers in the Agency Hub so they can understand precisely what has happened!

Please note: this feature is available to partners using our complex care add-on.


Add a carer's name to an invoice

You can now choose to share the names of Care Professionals in an additional column in invoice PDFs, your providing clients and payers with greater transparency over care delivery and making it easier to manage any queries surrounding invoices.

The option to share the name of a Care Professional in an invoice is available as an additional toggle option in the 'Configuration' tab of your Finance Dashboard. It is automatically 'off' by default, so names are always hidden unless you chooses otherwise.

Please note: this feature is available to partners leveraging our Advanced and Plus plans

View a week’s worth of client visits in the Birdie app

Based on your feedback, we’re giving Care Professionals and the people they care for more visibility into upcoming visits. We understand that sometimes clients and loved ones ask Care Professionals about who the next visit will be carried out by, and when.

Currently, Care Professionals can click on a Care Recipient’s page within the Birdie app, and see the date, time and Care Professional currently assigned to their next visit. We’re improving this feature so Care Professionals can now view and share details of the upcoming week’s worth of visits, so they can share this information with clients and their loved ones instead of calling the office for more information. Watch this space!

As always, check out our public roadmap for more information on what we're working on. 👋

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