February 12, 2019

Introducing Task Planner

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Today, we’re launching Task Planner. A quick and easy way to create and manage your task plans in real-time so your care staff always know what to do before starting their care visit. It’s smart care planning at its best.

It’s a simple proposition: when care managers create task plans they’ll have access to a library of built-in tasks that can be personalised to each client’s needs. You save time creating and allocating task in a few clicks and can spend more time personalising them to your client specific needs. Your care becomes truly person-centred. As soon as a task is added or updated, it synchronises instantly with your care worker’s app. Now, they have access to the latest information and always know what to do when out visiting clients.

“We found that care managers spend less time creating and allocating tasks and spend more time personalising them to each individual need of their clients. Which is great news for both the quality of the care provided and the CQC rating.” Jimmy, Birdie UX/UI Designer

Task Planner is a great way to improve your efficiencies and reduces human error when delivering care. Our carefully curated library of tasks has been built from the ground up working closely with our care partners and is the most comprehensive in the industry.

Task Planner is about:

-easily allocating tasks to care visits and saving precious time

-personalising each task to your client’s specific needs.

-creating consistency in the delivery of care across your organisation

The problem: Care managers spend too much time creating tasks one by one for each care visits.

Clients want care that is personalised and we know you strive to achieve this. Yet, this means spending time creating bespoke tasks and allocating them to the right client, the right day and the right session. Care tasks need to be refined and updated weekly to meet the latest needs of a client but it’s hard to let care workers know while they are on the go. This leads to visits being carried out without the latest information at hand. That’s where Task Planner comes in.

Create weekly tasks plans with speed and ease

You save time by creating your client’s weekly task plan in just a few clicks. When you start typing keywords, a list of curated suggestions comes up. Choose the most appropriate and allocate the task to the right days and times. Easy, peasy.

Have a clear view of which tasks need to be done for who and when

You get a weekly overview of your care visits. For each of your client, you can filter tasks by day and by care categories. This tells you exactly what will be done on a given care visit.

Personalise your care tasks to your client’s individual needs.

By adding bespoke notes you can personalise each task to your client’s need. That’s person-centred care at its best.

Make sure your care staff have access to the latest task plan when visiting a client

Any update made to a task plan synchronises in real-time, so your care workers always have the latest information available on their app.

Access the history of any changes made to any task plans

The task history records any changes made to a task plan and stores that information for each of your clients. When needed you can access those reports in a few clicks. This is great news for your CQC inspection.

Enhance the quality of your care by creating care tasks that are consistent across your organisation

What makes Task Planner revolutionary is its smart library of tasks. A comprehensive list of care task compiled from the analysis of 3000+ care tasks and vetted by our domiciliary care partners. It means that all your tasks plans can now be harmonised. Care workers are clear on what each task means, leaving no room for interpretation.

“In our library, we use simple directional language so care workers know what’s behind each task. Everyone is on the same page. With Task Planner, your care becomes consistent yet personalised.” Beth, Birdie care manager

Get started with Task Planner right here see how smart task planning can improve your business.

Not a customer yet? Visit our website and get in touch, we can’t wait to share all the great things we do with you.

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