May 18, 2020

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At Birdie, we’re dedicated to helping home care providers to deliver the best care - to help us reach our goal of improving the lives of 1 million older adults by 2023. Never before has our mission been so important. And that’s why, in light of COVID-19, we’ve been running regular webinar sessions, to help care providers to access the information they need to deal with the challenges that lie ahead. 

One area that our partners have found particularly difficult during COVID-19 is in management of their finances. We spoke live to David Budd, Head of Strategic Partnerships at LifeLine 24 and James Eden, Managing Director at Enthuse Care to discuss all things finance management, loans and contingency planning.

Watch the webinar on-demand here.

Links from the session

Explanation of business support and grants: Simply business

Market Finance: a company who can do selective invoice discounting or furlough advances quickly:

Funding Circle: Very quick at providing CBILS lending

Bounce Back Loan Scheme information and comparison with CBILS

Deloitte Weekly Briefing: Gives a clear headed perspective on what’s happening and the key issues (subscribe to the blog).

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Operate efficiently: From building rotas, billing your clients to onboarding your care staff and managing their pay, we've got all your business operation needs covered.

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Deliver Personalised Care: From creating digital assessments and medication schedules to enabling care staff to deliver care visits, you can cater to all aspects of care, and gain real time visibility.

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