May 23, 2023

Partner Education Week One

Table of contents

Product training on birdie: Week 1 of 7

I’m Jack Burge, and I am a Product Training Specialist at birdie.

Recently a few partners have asked for some refresher training on birdie, so that they can better understand the platforms new capabilities and get the most out of birdie.

So our team have designed a 7 week program to educate, inform and empower you and your team in all things birdie.

Here’s a rundown of what each week will cover:

Week 1 (Today): Your 3 birdie secret weapons and a hot tip
Week 2 (Next Wednesday): Deep dive into how to scale your rota
Week 3 (7th June): Why birdie analytics gives you the visibility you need to deliver the most effective care
Week 4 (14th June): Understanding trends and gathering evidence using the Client Feed
Week 5 (21st June): Sharing an unmissable piece of content 😇
Week 6 (28th June): Your webinar invite
Week 7 (6th July): Is the Webinar on “Maximising Care Business Monitoring with Birdie: Unleash the Power of Analytics and Client Feed”

As you can see, this series is going to cover a lot of information! But don’t worry, it’s all going to be in bite sized pieces.

And by the end these 7 weeks, you and your team are going to know a lot more about birdie and feel even more empowered to better support your amazing carers and care recipients.

To get this journey started I’d like to tell you about a few secret weapons you have at your disposal (that you may or mayn’t already know about):

  1. birdie academy: We have recently created brand new educational courses, that are interactive, quick, easy and fun (really they even include quizzes!). Explore birdie academy >>
  2. The help centre: We have 270+ clear and detailed articles on the product. So any feature you want to learn about can be explored here. Take a look >>
  3. Agency hub support: we never want you to suffer in silence! Particularly when getting 1-on-1 support from our team is so easy. All you need to do is open a ticket through the agency hub 🙂

I hope these secret weapons will help you feel more confident and supported!

Now here’s your first hot tip for optimising birdie…

You can bulk close alerts!

Yes , it’s possible to resolve multiple alerts in the Inbox. For full step-by-step instructions on how to do this please click the button below.

Learn more about the inbox feature >>

Next week we will be digging into how to scale your rota!

Thanks for joining me on this learning journey, I really hope you’ll find it helpful and enjoyable.

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