July 26, 2021

How Birdie is making checking in/out of visits even more secure

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Birdie makes checking in and out of visits quick, easy and secure

Electronic Call Monitoring (ECM) systems have been designed to give you peace of mind that care is being delivered at the right place, at the right time and provide evidence that the care was delivered.

Having access to accurate information on this is not only fundamental to the safety of your carers and care recipients, but also to the quality of care you deliver and the efficiency of your business. 

There’s a lot of different ECM products and services available on the market today. We know that it’s not uncommon for an agency to choose to start by investing in these solutions when they first step into using digital technology.

Know where your carers are and how they’re progressing with their care delivery.

It’s not always the perfect story with ECM. Carers have reported feeling monitored and choose to turn off their location services on their smartphone, to stop an agency from being able to track their movements.

We do get it. It’s important to respect people’s privacy, to empower your staff to want to help, to remove the negative opinion about sharing evidence of the work that’s completed.

That’s why Birdie has created the perfect call monitoring solution to fit all your care needs.

Here at Birdie, we’ve developed a  new QR code-based system that can be used alongside our existing geolocation services, giving another layer of authentication. 

QR codes are a type of barcode that can be scanned using your smartphone camera. You’ll have seen them everywhere from the NHS track & trace system, to restaurant menus. They’ve become commonplace in our lives and we believe this will help to integrate them into a carer’s check-in process. 

Some of the benefits of this secure check-in method:

✅   No mobile signal is needed - Regardless of bad signal or no wifi access, a QR code will successfully log the exact time the carer scanned it

✅   Carers don’t need their location settings on - If a carer doesn't want their location to be visible, it’s not a problem, the QR code still works

✅   It can be used alongside geo-location & OTP -  We want to give you options and flexibility. You can use geo-location with QR codes, or separately, and turn it on or off for each client. It’s your call!

✅   There’s a geo-location improvement wrapped in! When geo-location is used with the QR code, if a carer is within the radius of the address, it will automatically check them in, the map will no longer appear

Did we mention that this new feature is free?

We do not charge any of our partners to generate the original QR code or any further QR codes you need to regenerate for clients’ homes. 

To see QR codes in action, check out these videos:

                                                                   Agency hub              Carer app 

To learn more, read up on our support article.

Already a Birdie partner?

If you decide that you want to use our new QR code feature, the process is as simple as this…

  1. Contact your Account Manager to have them turn on the feature for you
  2. Head into a client’s profile, turn it on and generate a unique QR code
  3. Pop the QR code into a client’s house
  4. The carer can then “scan” the code with their phone’s camera and check-in
  5. You can keep on top of your carer’s check-in times in the Birdie Agency Hub

It really is as simple as that!

We’re so excited to introduce this new feature and so, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to support@birdie.care or book a care consultation to see Birdie in action.

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