July 17, 2023

Free Birdie Colouring Sheets

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Dear Care Industry

Click here to download the colouring sheets.

A few months ago I decided to create a few colouring sheets for my Uncle to use. He has been supported by wonderful carers for a big chunk of his life. As a graphic designer I am always looking to see how I can use my skills to make an impact. Create something that actually makes a difference to someone's life. Whilst creating these sheets I realised that maybe the partners of Birdie may want to use these. 

Colouring has long been recognised as a therapeutic activity that promotes relaxation and reduces stress. Engaging in the simple act of colouring can help individuals shift their focus away from their worries and immerse themselves in the present moment. It allows you and your clients to find solace in a creative outlet, enabling them to unwind and experience a sense of calm amidst their daily challenges.

Talking to our partners is wonderful and I am continuously amazed by what the industry does and the people in it. I hope one day to make such an impact you all do. These colouring sheets may not be the answer to your problems but I hope they bring some joy to you or your clients. 

People often say “but I’m not creative” and it really upsets me because everyone is creative in their own way. I really enjoyed creating these colouring sheets for my Uncle and hopefully for others to express themselves. They are completely free for you to download and print out (hopefully you’ll have lots of paper left over due to using the Birdie platform).

All I ask is you enjoy them and if you feel comfortable enough to share your stories and artwork with us that would really make my day. Or if you have any requests that I can design for your clients please do share with me. My email is danny.greenwood@birdie.care

Thanks for reading and enjoy!


Download colouring sheets

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