February 28, 2022

Introducing custom fluid observations - for even more granular fluid management!

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Demonstrate person-centered care with detailed observations

Today, Birdie gives you the opportunity to record all care observations and log written notes relevant to a specific visit. This includes observations such as mood, toilet visits, meals or snacks taken as well as fluid intake - with added free text for further context and personalisation. These observations are then logged and visible to Care Managers in the agency hub - in real-time!

Recording observations is an important tool in monitoring and tracking trends in a care recipient’s wellbeing or behaviour over time - and ensuring you can quickly identify early signs of deterioration in their health. With these vital insights, you can then tailor the care plan to ensure the care provided is truly responsive to their current needs and target outcomes.

These notes are also a great way of documenting all the hard work that has gone into delivering care. This is recorded and updated in real-time, so everything that is needed for a successful handover is ready to be viewed by the next carer. And if you’re using Birdie’s family app, you can give peace of mind to loves ones that their family member is getting the care they need.

Additionally, more care notes and observations mean you can easily demonstrate that your agency is person-centered and responsive.

The importance of fluid observations

Dehydration is a commonplace issue in health and care settings. When signs of dehydration go unnoticed, it may lead to other more serious health conditions in your care recipient, such as high blood pressure, UTIs, kidney stones and renal failure.

But luckily, the steps to reduce this risk are straightforward - steps such as preparing drinks and documenting when and how much has been consumed - and can easily be incorporated into any care plan.

When it comes to fluid observations, keeping an accurate and up-to-date record equips you with the insights needed to monitor and manage your care recipient’s hydration levels and fluid intake. Additionally, you’ll also be able to recognise trends and intervene ahead of any sign of deterioration.

Introducing custom fluid observations

That’s why the team has looked at ways to make recording observations even better with Birdie, starting with more custom fluid observations!

Starting Monday, March 7th, you'll now be able to:

  • Report if the fluid was taken orally or given via PEG feed
  • Select from over 100+ specific drink types - pulled directly from the NHS Snomed CT browser
  • Record the size and volume of a drink, such as a custom ML amount

Record custom fluid observations

Ultimately, allowing for a more granular level of fluid management and helping to optimise hydration for your care recipients.

What's next in observations?

We plan on making additional improvements and customisation to our observation flows, such as toileting and nutrition, amongst others. This includes an update to weight observations, making it possible for you to record weight to the decimal (e.g. 52.3) rather than just whole numbers, for more precise weight tracking.

Record precise weight observations

For a full look at what we’ve got cooking, please see our public roadmap.

Watch this space! 👀

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