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Unlock Your Agency's Potential with Birdie's Benchmarking Tool

December 21, 2023
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Are you running a homecare agency and constantly wondering if you're allocating your funds efficiently? You're not alone in this challenge. The homecare industry is notorious for its tight margins and high instability, making financial management a critical skill for success.

But how can you be sure you're on the right track? Enter = Birdie's Homecare Agency Cost Benchmarking Tool, your new ally in financial management.

Why Birdie's Benchmarking Tool?

Birdie understands the complexities of running a homecare business. That's why they've developed a tool specifically designed to address the unique financial challenges you face. This tool isn't just another generic financial assistant; it's a targeted solution for homecare agencies.

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In the below video, captured from our "How to benchmark your agency’s finances" webinar, our very own Fred, Finance Product Manager at Birdie speaks about how this tool was built and how it can benefit you and your homecare business' finances:

What Does the Tool Offer?

  • Comparative Spending Analysis: Wonder if you're paying your staff competitively or overspending on travel? The tool compares your expenses against industry averages, covering everything from per-hour pay to travel time.
  • Profit Margin Insights: Discover how your profit margins per hour of care stack up against your competitors. This information is gold in strategising for competitive advantage.
  • Tailored Savings Recommendations: The tool doesn't just point out discrepancies; it offers actionable insights. Learn where you can make savings or enhance efficiencies to improve your business's financial health.

You can watch the full Birdie webinar "How to benchmark your agency’s finances" here.

The Price Tag? It's Free!

Yes, you read that correctly. Birdie offers this tool at no cost. They believe in empowering homecare agencies by providing access to vital industry data. This tool democratises financial insights, making them accessible to all agencies, regardless of size.

How to Get Started

Accessing this transformative tool is straightforward. Visit Birdie's Benchmarking Tool Page and enter your agency's data. The tool will handle the rest, providing you with a comprehensive financial analysis tailored to your specific needs. If you need some guidance on how to use this tool, watch the video below - it captures Fred, Birdies Finance Product Manager going through the financial tool step-by-step.

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A Step Towards Sustainable Success

In a sector where every penny counts, having a clear understanding of your financial position relative to the industry is invaluable. Birdie's Homecare Agency Cost Benchmarking Tool offers you this clarity. It's more than just a tool; it's a step towards sustainable success and financial mastery in your homecare business.

The Bottom Line

Running a homecare agency is demanding, but you don't have to navigate the financial complexities alone. Birdie's benchmarking tool is here to guide you, offering insights and recommendations based on industry-wide data. It's time to take control of your finances, compare your performance to industry standards, and unlock the full potential of your agency.

Embrace the power of data and informed decision-making. Try Birdie's Homecare Agency Cost Benchmarking Tool today and lead your agency towards a more prosperous future.

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