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What's new at Birdie? | September update

We've been busy working on shiny new updates behind the scenes and we thought we'd share a quick roundup of everything that's been happening at Birdie HQ.

Read on to find out more about…

  • Uploads in Carer App and download care plan PDF’s
  • New Medications Assessments
  • Updates to Geo-location reporting
  • Our new BNF Medication Search

View Uploads in Carer App

There's a lot of documentation that goes into caring for an individual and not all of it falls into the clear boxes of an assessment or a care plan. GP letters, equipment handling instructions, DNACPR forms - whatever the content, you now have the flexibility to add images (JPEG's, PNG's) and PDFs to a person's care plan in the Agency Hub and caregivers will be able to view them in the Care App.

View Uploads in Care App
How it looks in the Agency Hub

View doc in app GIF
How it looks in the Birdie App

Download Care Plans as PDFs

It's important for agencies to be able to access Care plans when not on the Hub or the App. You'll now be able to download any care plan in the Agency Hub.

Simply click on a Care plan, scroll to the bottom and under the Documents title, click 'Download Documents'. You'll be able to download all or individual assessments, the choice is yours! Plus, they look super smart! 📑

Download CP PDF GIF

Medications Assessments

Our most requested assessment is live and now, you can see ‘Medications’ under ‘Additional Assessments’.

Medication Assess

Read more about Medications Assessments

BNF Medications Search

Our medications system uses the database used by the NHS, so unlike most other care management software, we’ve already got access to a wealth of verified information. 💪

You can already see if it’s a controlled drug, or whether the client already has an active schedule for that specific medication. The latest addition is to show a link to the BNF, the doctor's bible for prescribing drugs in the UK! This contains useful information such as common side effects to watch out for during a visit. 👀

It works regardless of whether the drug is branded or generic, so long as the BNF has information available. For example, Lipitor ® made by Pfizer links to the BNF page for Atorvastatin.

We hope you find this little addition useful. Please let us know what else we can do to make information in our medications system more accessible! (1)

Improved forced check-in accuracy

When an alert is raised, you’ll now be able to see the location of the carer vs the location of the care recipient, before you resolve the alert. If they are close, it’s likely to be a low-signal area and you may want to extend the check-in radius. What’s that? Well, see the third improvement below!

Geolocation Forced Checkin Improv

Flexible geo-location radius settings

You’re now able to extend the radius of the check-in of a care recipients home, up to 500 metres. If you’re continually resolving an alert for a forced check-in at a care recipient’s home, you can extend their radius via the Hub. Now the caregiver will be able to check-in without disruption.

Geolocate Radius

That's it for now, but we'll be back with more soon. We're always looking for ways to improve, so if you have an idea we'd love to hear it. Let us know on social and be the first to know about what we're up to by following us on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram