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May 12, 2021

At Birdie, we’re on a mission to transform care for older people

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The Birdie Team

At Birdie, we’re on a mission. In the UK and across the world there is a social care crisis. The traditional care system is under strain from an ageing population and, without significant change, it won’t be able to cope in the years ahead. For older people who are in the care system, the care they receive is too often reactive, generic and ineffective. 

That’s where Birdie fits in. Growing up, I watched my grandfather struggle with the impact of life in a care home, but our family lacked any other care option. That experience stayed with me and I resolved to be the change I wanted to see. I dived head first into the problem, exploring what exactly was going wrong in the care system. And in 2017, my co-founder and I set up Birdie. 

So what is Birdie? The short version is that we provide much-needed technology to care providers to help them deliver more efficient, personalised and preventative care so older people can live healthy, happy lives in their own homes. 

But the long answer is that we strive to be so much more than that. We believe deeply in the change we are trying to create in the world. We think that people’s older years should be a time to enjoy - a time free from the burdens of work and with your family’s next generation growing up below you. 

We also believe that these convictions should extend to how we run Birdie as a company. We think that living happy healthy lives should be the norm for everyone - including our employees, our local communities and the global community as a whole. What that means in practice is that we run Birdie as a social enterprise, with our progressive company ethos informing everything we do.

We want to carve out a new way to run a business, built around people and their wellbeing. We practice radical transparency, including making all salaries transparent, and our distributed team works asynchronously to maximise staff flexibility and equity. We take our responsibility to society and the environment seriously - we’re B Corp certified, our staff volunteer in the local community during office hours and we offset all our emissions. And we’re always looking for ways to live our values even better. 

So why am I writing this? Because today, we are very excited to announce a significant investment in Birdie, to the tune of $11.5m, led by international venture capital firm Index Ventures and with participation from Kamet Ventures

Birdie is already the partner of choice for hundreds of care providers across the UK, helping to support 20,000 (and rising) older people every week. But with this investment, we are poised to take Birdie to the next level. We’ve got big plans to expand significantly and to bring in a new generation of products and services to help older people live well.

And that’s where you come in. The mission we're after is a difficult one to crack. It’s going to require excellence and continuous improvement. We’re going to need new skills and experience, new know-how and novel ways of thinking. But above all, we’re going to need more brilliant people who share our progressive values - not just a commitment to tackling the social care crisis but a determination to do so in a way that delivers for everyone from our team to the wider community. 

If you think that could be you - and you’re excited by the prospect of beating one of the greatest challenges of our time - we’d love to hear from you so we can talk about how you can be part of the Birdie team as it enters this next chapter.

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