November 5, 2021

5 Ideas to make homecare invoicing and payroll easier

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In this post, you'll learn 5 ways to make homecare invoicing easier.

Invoicing and payroll are a huge source of complexity for homecare providers, so much so, that some of our partners have told us that they are reluctant to introduce new services because the billing is too complicated. 

The answer lies in finding ways to simplify your systems. You need to be able to make changes and improvements to your home care business without having to worry about the invoicing and payroll implications.

To help you rethink your processes, here are our 5 ideas to make home care invoicing and payroll easier.

1. Use a system that can manage multiple payers

The complexity of homecare provision often involves managing more than one payer for a care recipient. It’s quite common for a local authority to pay for a package of care for a person, with their family providing additional funding to top up the package. Having more than one payer increases the invoicing requirements for a client instantly. When several of your care recipients are funded this way, the workload can quickly escalate.

Birdie Billing is a software invoicing solution that accommodates two or more payers with no fuss. After initial set up, it automatically generates invoice runs with the correct invoices for multiple payers in seconds. You simply approve the invoice run, and Birdie Billing does the rest.

2. Create invoice templates for different scenarios

As a home care business, you’ll offer different care packages, with various add-ons and options to provide tailored care for each client.

This approach is considered best practice for home care providers, but it does mean that invoicing can become complicated. Invoice templates speed up and simplify the process, so you don’t have to start from scratch every month.

Birdie Billing allows you to create invoices for various care scenarios by creating templates for different services and packages, from basic care packages to complex cases with ad hoc add-ons.

3. Get software to do the sums

Signing off carer pay rate changes and approving payroll can take up hours of your time. You might have a designated staff member to manage the payroll updates and calculations, but as a manager, you’ll likely need to double-check that the figures are correct before approving the pay run. 

The right software can simplify the entire process by doing the sums for you. Birdie’s home care software solution includes Birdie People, a reliable and accurate system that stores payroll information in one place and automatically manages payment schedules and updates in seconds.  

4. Streamline the way you manage holiday entitlements

Large home care agencies can have hundreds of employees on their books, and even smaller agencies manage multiple staff members. Keeping track of the different contracts and associated holiday entitlements for each carer is a pretty big job, and you have a legal and moral responsibility to your team to get it right. 

Birdie People accurately calculates holiday allowance for each employee and records when holidays are taken so that you can see the holiday status of everyone in your agency in one place. It fits seamlessly alongside other payroll features, including rostering and visit allocations, so you can consider all factors when granting holiday leave.

Birdie's people dashboard showing holi\day and minimum wage pay
Birdie's people tools automatically calculate holiday times and nation minimum wage, so you don't have to.

5. Store all your invoicing data in one place

Up until now, there has been a lack of home care invoicing solutions on the market, and most home care agencies have had no choice but to create their own invoice systems as they go. This DIY approach can result in having bits of information in different places - on spreadsheets, in various documents, and even on scraps of paper. 

A software system that keeps all of your invoicing information in one place is a game-changer: it reduces errors, saves time, and helps your agency get paid on time. Birdie Billing goes one step further, showing you the status of all your invoices and any actions they require at a glance.

Birdie Billing and Birdie People are just two of the powerful tools of the new built-in-one home care software system from Birdie. Book a demo to find out more and discover the rest of the purpose-built features to help transform the way you run your home care agency.

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