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Custom reports

Find out what’s driving your business

With Birdie Analytics, your data is housed under one roof, making it easy to drill into current trends and identify how to move your business forward.


Access easy-to-understand business information at your fingertips.

Quickly surface evidence

And feel prepared and ready to win in any inspection.

Share insights easily

Share insights with staff to help them grow with you.

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Custom reports

Our smart tools do the heavy lifting for you, compiling the information you and your care staff capture daily into easy-to-understand graphs and reporting.

Access over 25 pre-built reports

Dive into any of our pre-built summary reports - or customise your own.

Compare insights between branches or locations

Our side-by-side comparisons make it easy to spot ways to improve and grow.

Track performance month over month

See your performance overtime - or click to drill down the data further.

Christies Care
Charlotte Driver-Young
Director of Operations

We’ve been really impressed with how open and honest people (at birdie) are - and that they’re passionate about delivering a really good service.

Frequently asked questions

What is Birdie Analytics?

Birdie Analytics is the tool we offer, giving you access to rich insights across your care business. From your care planning and delivery to rostering, finance and more, our tool will aggregate this information into easy-to-read graphs and actionable data.

How do I measure care quality?

The Birdie Quality Score (Q Score) is created in line with the CQC’s Key Lines of Enquiry. Our Q Score report will help you to provide the highest quality of care and work to achieve an "Outstanding" rating. The Q-Score is based on the information you input throughout Birdie.

I don't have a data person in-house. Can I still benefit?

Birdie uses easy-to-understand graphs and reports to make it easy for anyone to drill into the data to identify trends and actions.

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