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  • Empower care teams with the Birdie app
  • Get the essentials to digitise your rota and finance processes
  • Receive dedicated live chat support and access to our training academy to get started
  • Give loved ones peace of mind with our Family app

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Frequently asked questions

Signing Up

How do I sign up?

Simply click Buy Now above and input your payment details via our secure checkout. You’ll then receive an email telling you what’s next once your brand new Agency Hub has been set up and is ready to use. Welcome to the flock!

Have more questions? Speak to the team to discuss how Birdie can support your care business and show you our platform in action.

Are there any onboarding fees?

No! There are no setup or training fees, and as your Care Professionals can use the Birdie app on their own smartphones, there are no contracts or additional charges to deal with.

What happens after I sign up?

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll get you set up on Birdie’s Agency Hub within one working day so you can begin the onboarding process straight away!

What support will I get with onboarding?

We make sure you’re fully supported as you get to grips with Birdie, through direct support from our team and plenty of resources. These includes bespoke training sessions, regular live webinars to support interactive learning and our dedicated Birdie Academy, with step-by-step guides to give you the confidence to get started!

What if my care business delivers fewer than 500 hours of care per month? Can I still buy Birdie?

Absolutely! Birdie has a minimum price which equates to 500 hours of care per month. If you deliver fewer hours of care than this, you can check out with this quantity.

Getting Started

What devices is Birdie compatible with?

The Birdie app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. For more information on our recommended mobile operating systems, click here.

Do I need to have internet to use the Birdie app?

The Birdie app works seamlessly offline, allowing you to input visit information even when you are offline or in an area with low signal. When you are next online or connected to WiFi, this data will then be uploaded online and visible within our Agency Hub. You will, however, require internet connection to log in to your Birdie app after logging out.

What is included with my plan?

Whether you’re just getting started on your digital care journey or you’re looking to grow your business further we’ve got the right solution for you. Check our our plans page for a reminder of exactly what’s included in each of our plans.

What if I decide I want to buy a different Birdie plan?

If as an existing partner you’d like to switch to a different plan, simply let your Account Manager know and we’d be happy to discuss next steps.

Where can I find out about new Birdie features?

We’re always working to bring you new tools. Whenever new features are released, we’ll notify you by email, along with plenty of resources on how to make the most out of new products, such as videos and Help Centre articles. We’ll also let Care Professionals know directly via our app if any of these new features impact how they use the Birdie app.

If you want to see what we’re currently working on, check our our public roadmap!

Our pricing & billing

When will I pay for Birdie?

When you buy through our website, you’ll pay your first invoice upon checkout, and will be billed monthly thereafter.

How does hourly billing work? What happens if I exceed the scheduled hours of care I sign for?

Our hourly billing system means that your monthly cost for Birdie is derived from the number of hours of care you schedule, which are charged at an agreed hourly rate.

We’ll confirm your minimum number of scheduled hours per month for each invoice and review the total hours of care scheduled through Birdie ahead of each invoice period to calculate any overages hours above that minimum. These are charged at the same rate.

Cancelled visits will not be charged for and any demos, training sessions or shadowing visits will not be charged for. You can read how to indicate demo, training or shadowing visits in Birdie here.

Accessing support

What support will I get on an ongoing basis?

Our support team are on hand to help with any questions you may have via our live-chat system. They have an average response time of under 10 minutes during office hours as well as support available during out of hours and weekends.

You’ll also receive lots of useful guidance from our customer success team in the form of webinars and courses to support with CQC readiness and you can access our Help Centre and Birdie Academy whenever you need a reminder on how to use any of the features available to you.

Data & security

How is my data safe?

Data protection is something we take seriously here at Birdie and security by design and default is built into all the work we do at Birdie. For more information on how we secure your data, click here.

Refunds & cancellations

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

If you buy through this page, you'll have a monthly rolling contract with us.

What if I want to cancel?

We understand that circumstances change, and you might want to cancel your Birdie subscription.

Cancellation: You can give notice to cancel your Birdie subscription at any time via email to

Charges upon Cancellation: If you decide to cancel, you'll be charged up until the end of your subscription period. If you've signed up for a monthly rolling contract, that will be the end of the calendar month in which you submit your request to cancel. If applicable, your final invoice will be pro-rated to reflect this. You can expect to receive and be charged for your final invoice early in the following month.

Please note that these terms only apply to Birdie customers that have purchased their Birdie subscription through this page.

What are Birdie’s terms & conditions?

For more information on our terms and conditions click here. For details of our privacy notice click here.