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Please be sure to check out the 3 essential onboarding steps below for more details on what to expect, how to get started, and how to make the most out of the Birdie resources available to you.

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1. Welcome Webinar

Sign up to our next welcome webinar to learn how to get started with Birdie! We'll share an overview of the steps to take to set up and use Birdie, where to access training resources and how to monitor your progress.

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2. Set Up Checklist

Get started with this set-up checklist, complete with how-to guides, for total ease of onboarding. Download the checklist as a Word document or make a copy. To make sure you are hitting your goals, you should assign owners and due dates for each action.

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3. Onboarding Survey

Answer this short survey so that we can set up your Birdie Hub to suit your care business.

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Key resources now that you're part of the flock

Our Support

Once you log into your Agency Hub, to contact the support team with a question, just click on the blue live chat widget at the bottom of the screen and select the option “I want to speak to Customer Support”.

Check the bottom right of your screen in your Agency Hub to contact support

Help Centre

The Birdie Help Centre is a repository of 230+ helpful articles to assist you if you have any queries or process dilemmas whilst using the Birdie platform. 

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Birdie Academy

We've designed a series of training courses to help train your team on the best way to use the Birdie platform. Course topics range from learning how to use the Birdie App to how to use Birdie’s care management features.

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