CQC Inspection checklist

Want to reach Good or Outstanding in your next CQC inspection?

This page acts as your handy CQC inspection checklist, covering everything from how to ace the CQC KLOEs to tips for improving your rating. Access it whenever, wherever by bookmarking it and saving it for later.

CQC Checklist - Quality Standards

The CQC Quality Standards, or fundamental standards, are a set of minimum requirements that the CQC expects from any care provision service. Make sure you're aware and meeting all of them. They are:

  • Person-centred care

  • Dignity and respect

  • Consent sought for all interventions

  • Safeguarding from abuse

  • Nullam interdum orci.

  • Nutrition and hydration needs to be met

  • Adequate premises and equipment

  • Complaints to be taken seriously

  • Quality care monitored by systems

  • Suitable staffing to meet needs

  • Fit and proper staff

  • Duty of candour

  • Display of ratings


The CQC uses five KLOEs to assess whether your service delivers caring, effective, responsive, well-led, and safe care. To score a Good or Outstanding rating, you'll need to meet the CQC's framework, for each KLOE.

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Understanding the CQC KLOEs

CQC KLOES inspection checklist

The CQC will ask a number of questions based on the following KLOEs. Find out how to reach Good or Outstanding in each one, so you're ready when your inspector calls.

Get prepared for your CQC inspection: Video

Get ready for your CQC inspection with advice from a former CQC inspector. We teamed up with CIA to deliver an informative webinar session where we walk through everything from the CQC 2021 strategy to gathering and documenting evidence. Watch the recording below:

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CQC eBook

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Get ready for your next CQC inspection

Medication alert on Birdie for medication not taken

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"The provider had installed an electronic system to assist with staffing, monitoring calls and improving monitoring and assessment of risk. This was rolled out across the agency and care workers had received training and support in using the App on their telephones. One care worker said, "I find the system easy to use. It has made managing medicines easier for care workers and sends alerts to the office if things are not recorded. We then receive a call from the office to redo things."

Premiere Care

"The electronic monitoring tool used by the service, provided real time information and was used to monitor each person's care package to ensure this had been provided in line with their assessed needs and wishes. Alerts, which came through to the management teams' phones, ensured any omissions or issues had been addressed promptly. People and their relatives had access to the tool, which allowed them to check and confirm visits had taken place and care provided as required."

Elite Care North West

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